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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Coutler Rips Conservatives

In Ann Coulter's latest column, that was posted at WorldNetDaily, the take-no-prisoners commentator rips into the conservatives for their floundering lack of focus on their contract with America.

Using Bill Clinton's recollections of his liaisons with Monica Lewinsky as an example, Ann Coulter, in her brand new column today, defends Scooter Libby and his recollections of the Plame affair, and challenges conservatives to champion those who champion them.

Writes Coulter:

"Conservatives often ask why so many Republicans go native when they get to Washington, D.C. The answer is: Because you don't defend them when they come under relentless attacks from liberal hatchet men. ...

"Perjury is intentionally swearing to something you know to be untrue – not misremembering what later appears, on balance, not to be the truth," explains Coulter in discussing the Libby charges.

"Here are some simple illustrations. If Clinton had been asked how many sexual encounters it took for him to remember Monica's name (six) and he got the answer wrong, it would not be perjury since, like Monica's name, it's an easy thing to forget."

To read Coulter's WorldNetDaily exclusive commentary, here is the link: Coulter rips conservatives for failing to defend their own

North Korea may test another missle

News from CNN states that North Korea is contemplating a second (it is actually the third, but don't tell them) test of its ballistic missles. It is being reported that Kim Jong Il feels compelled to go ahead with this if the USA does not resolve the financial request he wants.

That's right. It's America's fault if he fires nuclear weapons into Japan or South Korea because we are so greedy and uncaring. I hope you can tell sarcasm when you read it. Just in case you are a Lefty, this was sarcasm.

Hey Kim, go to hell.

If the article is no longer available, try this link.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Liberians in U.S. finding way home

Since Charles Taylor was forced to leave Liberia in 2003, this sister country to the USA has been having small successes while trying to recover from decades of war. Here is just two of the amazing people with their own stories about finding their way back home.

Ciata Victor and Henrique Caine are doing this in their own way, but they have both returned home. Only Henrique has kept his home in the States with his wife and children, while Ciata sold her condo, gave up her high paying job and moved home.

They are both entrepeneurs. Ciata has started her own Internet Cafe, and Henrique is still working on starting up a construction equipment rental company. Please read more about these two people who miss their home and are now able to return. All with a little help from their friends, the United States of America.

If that link no longer exists, try this one. Have a nice day.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Time for fun

How to tell if you have smelly feet...

Yep...........YOU DO!

Interview with Captain Traversa

I have had an interview with Captain Doug Traversa with the help of CENTCOM. If you are interested, you may read it here.

Capt. Traversa is a logistician in the USAF. His blog is Afghanistan Without a Clue. He is a wonderful man with a wonderful wife and family. Please read about him and Afghanistan. Have a nice day.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Not One Bloody Red Cent

There is a non-binding resolution that some Republicans believe means not a thing. Au contraire. It does mean that they are sending our young men and women into a war they do not support. It means they resoundingly voted for General Petraeus to be the man in charge of this new move forward, after he informed them that this non-binding resolution would get more of them killed. It would embolden our enemies.

Do they believe they know more than he? Do they really not want our men to die? Do they really support the troops? I say, "Hell no, they don't."

That is why I signed the petition that Hugh Hewitt and NZ Bear have created. I urge you to do the same. After you have done so, please call your Senators! Also, call Senators McConnell, Lott and Kyl at 202-225-3121. Let them know they will lose your vote and your dollars, and tell them why.

Don't forget to call Sen. Ensign. He is the Chairman of the Republican National Committee, and you will find him at 202-675-6000. Let him know he will not be receiving one bloody red cent because he is going to continue supporting people who vote for this evil thing.

Here is the name of some of the Senators who we may be able to be persuade through calm, serious and thoughtful discussion. Minnesota's Norm Coleman, Maine's Susan Collins and Oregon's Gordon Smith. They will likely be convinced to rethink possible support against the resolution in the light of the Petraeus testimony and the president's speech Tuesday. Senator Coleman's office number is (202) 224-5641. Senator Smith's office number is (202) 224-3753. Senator Collins' office number is (202) 224-2523.

We may not be able to change this Senator's mind, but you can reach Senator Collins' at: (202) 224-2523. She can also be e-mailed here.

We are at war. We should all be Americans, but the Democrats want this to be Viet Nam. The Republicans do not have a spine. We have witnessed this for the past 6 years. That is why we lost some very capable justices, tax cuts, energy bills, etc. This one, this non-binding resolution, is a hill I am prepared to die on.

I wish President Bush has the steel for them as he has for our troops. That is behind us now. These so-called Senators say you must know when it is important enough to for you to fight. If we do not fight back now, we are letting our troops down. I cannot stand for this. Neither should you. Thank you.

Update: Does anyone the 14 members who basically stopped the Senate from bringing forth any judges worthy of the Supreme Court or Appeals Court? Well, he's at it again. McCain has just made the announcement that he will work with Democrats (Carl Levin) to give Gen. Petraeus and PM Maliki 'benchmarks'! How dare he!

The good General is not even over there yet, and they've are already trying to tie his hands before he gets there. They claim it is for oversight. Barbara Striesand. They just voted overwhelming for him, and he is favor of President Bush' plan! God, I thought we had only one Commander-in-Chief.

Update 2: Newest post.

Update 3: A friend of mine is having an open trackback weekend. The name of his site is Church and State. He has many incredible articles over there. (No, not sermons. God, you people are weird! lol.) Have a good night.

Monday, January 22, 2007

"Grass Roots" organization exposed by Greyhawk

I shall try to contain my anger so I can write this. Over at Mudville Gazette you will be able to read about a Leftists plan to fool you into thinking you are reading about troops that are simply expressing their opinion. This could not be further from the truth. Oh, it may be their opinion, by they are being helped by the same PR firms that helped Cindy Sheehan! Take from that little tidbit what you will. Whatever you do, please read this! Greyhawk has put a lot of time, effort and research into this. Thank you.

Hat tip: Blackfive.

Update: I have found a very nice site that is also trying to find the truth about this organization. The name of it is The D-Ring: Where the military and the new media collide. Please pay him a visit. Thanks, and have a great day.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Published at Free Republic

This post was published at Free Republic, and I cannot believe that I do not have the link to CENTCOM! I need your help. If anyone else received this article through the e-mail and kept the link, would you please forward it to me? I have never forgotten to give credit to our brave men and women, and I am so embarrassed. I should be. Thanks for your help.

Friday, January 19, 2007

US, Iraqi Troops Capture High-Ranking Aide to Sadr

Fox News has written an article about the capture of a high ranking communications aide to Sadr. The link is in their name.

Prime Minister Maliki appears to be ready to rid Iraq of all militias. I shall remain cautiously opinistic. If you read the article, you will find that it was the Iraqis who took charge in this fight with the USA supporting them. I'm proud of all our men.

If you can no longer find this link, try this one. Have a wonderful day everyone. Keep your powder dry.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Be prepared for another attack at home

I cannot believe the stupidity of our elected officials. Maybe it comes from too much education? On Wednesday, Attorney General Gonzales sent a letter to Sens. Spectar and Leahy letting them know that the "domestic" spying (which was leaked by someone who was never charged, btw) would be discontinued so that every case of eavesdropping would go through FISA. This is the program that helped us to foil many attacks to date. It is international calls coming into the USA or calls going to known countries that support al Qaida!

ZDNet news has this: Attorney general: NSA spy program to be reformed. I expect every citizen who reads this to call the White House at 202-456-1111 and ask, "WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?"

They will now have to have probable cause instead of cause for reasonable searches. Why is President Bush giving up presidential powers? I am very afraid. You should be, too. I usually say about here, "Have a great day." Today I will say, "Eat, Drink and be Merry, for tomorrow we die."

Update: American Civil Liberties Union et al., v. National Security Agency et al.

Hat tip: Council on Foreign Relations.

Angels of Iraq: We are not just numbers

I was not going to write about this topic, because many people only care about the numbers. However Mohammed over Iraq the Model has let his emotions and life lay bare on his blog. If he can do such a thing, then so can I.

I do not want see anymore numbers without the names of the people, the cause of their death and more importantly, what their life has accomplished. We are not just numbers.

There was a terrorist attack at a school yesterday, and 65 children were murdered because they dared to seek an education. Were they right to do this after being warned not to go to school? I say, "Yes."

These are brave people in Iraq. I doubt very much that very many Americans could have survived what these Iraqis have had to endure and come out of it okay. Oh, but they can run their mouths. I sure wish each American could live in al Anbar for just a week!

I pray for their parents and relatives and friends. God, please comfort them. Help us to smite our common enemy. Please except these precious children into Heaven with love and forgiveness of sins. Make it stop, God. Make it stop.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Terrorists in Iraq planning against our plans

Omar of Iraq the Model has written a fascinating breakdown about what is happening in Iraq since President Bush' speech. It is very eye opening. Surely it is expected, but it is still a great read.

Just one question I have, though. Why do we always have to let the enemy know our plans? Are they going to share theirs with us? Are they going to tell us where they are? Are they even going to put on uniforms?

More specifically, is this a rouse to get them to go to where we really will be? Hmm...

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Carter on al-Jazeera

Make sure there is nothing in your stomach as you watch this video. This was taped January 14, 2007. It is being translated by MEMRI TV.

I wonder, why is it we do not prosecute and shoot traitors?

Hat tip: Little Green Footballs.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Hi Bos'un!

Thank you for the invitation. Did you get all the bugs out? I'm not switching until they get all the bugs out. hehehe.

I've been sick for the past 5 days. I don't know what it was, but I never want to see it again! I'm not fully recovered, but I'm trying. :)