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Thursday, May 31, 2007

When you can't debate, call names. Very grown-up, eh?

Dear President Bush,

I have supported you on almost every issue. I have also been a United States citizen my entire life. So was my Mom and Dad. My Mother is Mohawk, and my Father is Armenian. His parents escaped Stalin...legally. We love this country and all her citizens. Well, almost all. We don't really care too much for the criminals. Actually, it's the crimes we don't care for, the criminal is still a child of God. I do belong to Chuck Colson's Prison Ministry.

How dare you call me a racist. I expect an apology from you. You, of all people, ought to know better. Your Mother taught you better than that. So you are backed into a corner because more than two-thirds of the country believe in a small thing known as Sovereignty. That does not give you the right to demean us. By the way, have you even read the bill yet?

Yes, we disagree with you. So do the anti-Americans! You show them more respect, and you give them a platform that is tearing this country apart! They are also giving aid and comfort to the enemy, but do you prosecute them? NO! You praise them.

This is not a difficult problem. All you have to do is ENFORCE the LAWS already on the books. Instead, you have tied the hands of the border control. Let one or two of them try to do their job, and they get thrown in prison for ten and eleven years respectfully! That is not respect. That is cowardice. You are allowing people who have no right to be here have a vote.

What you are doing, sir, in essense, is giving amnesty without represention. Do you remember what happened the last time the American people were this angry over taxation without represention?

Have a good day, and God bless you. May He move your heart to do the right thing according to the Constitution of the United States.

Update: Will this guy get a z-visa?
On October 15, 2006, a young Saudi Arabian male named Anwar Al——,* (His full name will not be used for legal reasons) claiming to be an engineering student at the University of Arkansas in Little Rock, presented what must have been false documents to United States Customs and Immigration (CIS) at an east coast airport and managed to slip into the country illegally. This is something that is not easily done: for a citizen of Saudi Arabia to get into the United States to attend an institution of higher learning requires the scrutiny of multiple, Cabinet level federal agencies. Customs was the last line in a series of Homeland Security controls that began halfway around the world at the US Embassy in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Anyone who has picked up a newspaper since September 11, 2001 understands why this is the procedure: fifteen of the nineteen 9/11 hijackers were Saudi nationals. [Continue reading.]
After all, he arrived here before January 1, 2007...

Hat tip: LGF.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007


DISCLAIMER: The different points of views on the Rick Roberts are not supported nor do they reflect the views and beliefs of The Bosun Locker or any entity affiliated with the Bos'un.

Hundreds of you have requested a transcript of Rick Roberts' 760 AM radio show I Want My Country Backrant. You can get to the blog entry by CLICKING HERE. RIck has given carte blanc permission to post it on every blog you read, and e-mail it to every friend you have. If you would like to listen Ricks' records segment, CLICK HERE.


By Rick Roberts, 760 KFMB San Diego Talk Radio

I know this story is light and fluffy…

(Click here to listen to audio.)—–> ROSIE O’DONNELL AND HASSELBECK FIGHT

…but I have a very insightful point on this catfight that you can take and apply to your own life.

First, here’s the story:

    Co-Hosts React to Latest ‘View’ Feud
    O’Donnell, Hasselbeck Each Respond to Clash

    AP: Watching Rosie O’Donnell and Elisabeth Hasselbeck squabble on ABC’s “The View” is nothing new, but Wednesday’s dustup seemed particularly nasty with the co-hosts trading accusations and personal digs. A political discussion over the war in Iraq became heated when an angry O’Donnell decried Hasselbeck for not standing up for her when media outlets suggested that she’d called U.S. troops “terrorists” during a previous debate.

    “What you did was not defend me. … I asked you if you believed what the Republican pundits were saying - you said nothing, and that’s cowardly,” O’Donnell said. Responded a stern Hasselbeck: “Do not call me a coward, because No. 1, I sit here every single day, open my heart and tell people what I believe.” O’Donnell and Hasselbeck were shown on a split screen as the argument progressed without commercial interruption. “Do you believe that I think our troops are terrorists? And you would not even look me in the face, Elisabeth, and say, `No, Rosie,”‘ O’Donnell said.

    Responded Hasselbeck: “Because you are an adult, and I am certainly not going to be the person for you to explain your thoughts. They’re your thoughts! Defend your own insinuations!” O’Donnell, who is leaving the ABC daytime talk show next month, said she wasn’t going to fight anymore. “So for three weeks, you can say all the Republican crap you want.” Hasselbeck discussed the war of words in an interview with syndicated entertainment show “Extra” that was to air Wednesday evening.

    “I honestly think, I believe that we are mature women who can resolve,” she said. “I hope we can. I would hope that a disagreement or a heated debate wouldn’t be the end of a relationship.” In a posting on her blog, O’Donnell wrote: “a split screen, new heights, or lows, depending on who u ask.”

Here is the plain and simple truth that I think a lot of conservatives- especially the women in my audience- NEED to know.

Here it is… Get ready!


You cannot be friends- and in most cases, even have a working relationship- with a ranting, raving, out-of-control liberal.

ESPECIALLY if that liberal is a woman.

I know you conservatives out there think that’s harsh. But let me tell you… It’s true. It is a waste of your time to try and be a leftist’s friend.

You think, “Oh, maybe I can just inform them out of their obvious stupidity!”

You may even think… “They are just misguided. They just need a good, solid conservative to explain to them how the world REALLY works… That will help them… It would bring them into the light and out from the dark side.”





Believe me, I know. Every time I’ve tried to “help” a liberal, they have been friendly at first… AND THEN THEY TURN ON YOU.

Once they turn on you, they have NO boundaries of morality, loyalty, or even decency.

When they attack- like in the Rosie-Elizabeth situation- it’s personal. It’s long lasting. They become unhinged and irrational.

And it’s predictable that one day THEY WILL turn on you.

Maybe you have your own stories… I’d like to hear them.

The main problem with most liberals is that they are on some sort of psychological meds- and/or they think they are the victims in life…

THAT is a combination of trouble that you- Yes, I’m talking to you- that is a combination that will bring your life down.

So, please… Don’t try to befriend liberals. Don’t even try to help a liberal.

Try and help your own family. Try and help people that actually deserve your time.

Link to Comments at KFMB San Diego

Navy's newest Arleigh Burke class guided-missile destroyer, Truxtun

The Navy will christen the newest Arleigh Burke class guided-missile destroyer, Truxtun, Saturday, June 2, 2007, during a 10 a.m. CDT ceremony at Northrop Grumman Ship Systems, Pascagoula, Miss.

Designated hull number DDG 103, the new destroyer honors Commodore Thomas Truxtun (1755-1822) who embarked upon a seafaring career at age 12. When the U.S. Navy was organized, he was selected as one of its first six captains on June 4, 1798. He was assigned command of the USS Constellation, one of the new frigates, and he put to sea to prosecute the undeclared naval war with revolutionary France. On Feb. 9, 1799, Truxtun scored the first of his two most famous victories. After an hour's fight, Constellation battered the French warship L'Insurgente into submission in one of the most illustrious battles of the quasi-war with France. Truxtun retired from the Navy as a commodore and has had five previous ships carry his name: a brig launched in 1842, a destroyer with the hull number DD 14, a destroyer with the hull number DD 229, a high speed transport with the hull number APD 98 (initially designated a destroyer escort with the hull number DE 282), and a nuclear-powered frigate (DLGN) later re-designated a cruiser with the hull number CGN 35.

Rep. Gene Taylor of Mississippi will deliver the ceremony's principal address. Carol Leigh Roelker and Susan Scott Martin, descendants of the ship's namesake, will serve as sponsors of the ship. In accordance with Navy tradition, they will break a bottle of champagne across the ship's bow and christen the ship in the name of Truxtun.

Truxtun is the 53rd of 62 Arleigh Burke class destroyers. This multi-mission ship can conduct a variety of operations, from peacetime presence and crisis management to sea control and power projection, in support of the National Military Strategy. Truxtun will be capable of fighting air, surface, and subsurface battles simultaneously and contains a myriad of offensive and defensive weapons designed to support maritime defense needs well into the 21st century.

Cdr. Timothy R. Weber, a native of Decatur, Ga., will become the first commanding officer of the ship and will lead the crew of 276 officers and enlisted personnel. The 9,200-ton Truxtun is being built by Northrop Grumman Ship Systems, Ingalls Operations, Pascagoula, Miss. The ship is 510 feet in length, has a waterline beam of 59 feet, and a navigational draft of 31 feet. Four gas turbine engines will power the ship to speeds in excess of 30 knots.

For more information on Arleigh Burke class destroyers, visit: Navy Military, Arleigh Burke Class Destroyers

Sunday, May 27, 2007

House sends religious expression bill to governor

Courtesy of: JonJayRay at Stop The ACLU

Religious Expression gets Extra Protection in Texas

It is rather deplorable that this was needed. One would have hoped that the First Amendment alone would have sufficed:

“Texas students would have greater freedom to express their religious views on school campuses under a bill passed Saturday by the House and sent to Gov. Rick Perry, who has publicly supported the measure.

Under the legislation, religious beliefs expressed in homework, artwork and other assignments would be judged by traditional academic standards. Students couldn’t be penalized or rewarded because of the religious content of their work.

Supporters say the bill is needed to protect students from censorship and school districts from lawsuits. But opponents argue it will lead to religious discrimination among students. “We are allowing our young people to express their faith, whatever that faith is,” said Rep. Larry Phillips, a Sherman Republican.

At an April news conference, Perry was surrounded by children and parents who said their religious speech was quashed at public school. Supporters of the bill have cited examples of students being prohibited from wishing troops overseas a “Merry Christmas” or told they couldn’t distribute religious bracelets at recess.
Source: Tyler Morning Telegraph, Sunday, May 27th

No doubt the ACLU will be mounting a court challenge the minute the bill is signed.

JonJayRay's Home Pages are here or here or here.

US Forces Free 42 Iraqi Hostages

God bless our servicemen and women in Iraq and Afghanistan.

BAGHDAD - U.S. forces raided an al-Qaeda hide-out northeast of Baghdad on Sunday and freed 42 Iraqis imprisoned inside, including some who had been tortured and suffered broken bones, a senior U.S. military official said Sunday.

The raid was part of a 3-month-old security crackdown that included the deployment of 3,000 more U.S. troops to Diyala, a violent province north of the capital that has seen heavy fighting in recent weeks, said Maj. Gen. William Caldwell, the top U.S. military spokesman in Iraq.

Caldwell said Iraqis told U.S. forces about the hide-out: "The people in Diyala are speaking up against al-Qaeda." He said the 42 freed Iraqis marked the largest number of captives ever found in a single al-Qaeda prison. Some of those freed were held for as long as four months and some had injuries from torture and were taken to medical facilities for treatment, he said.

For the rest of the story: 42 Freed

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DISCLAIMER: The different points of views on the Rick Roberts is not supported nor do they reflect the views and beliefs of The Bosun Locker or any entity affiliated with Bosun.

Many have requested a transcript of Rick Roberts' I Want My Country Backrant. You can view Rick's KFMB AM blog entry by CLICKING HERE. Rick has give carte blanc permission to post it on every blog you read, and e-mail it to every friend you have. If you would like to listen to Rick's radio replay of "I Want My Country Back" , CLICK HERE.


Courtesy of Rick Roberts, KFMB AM San Diego
May 23rd, 2007

MANY OF YOU have been emailing and calling your elected officials: And it IS making a difference.

They’re starting to gripe… They’re beginning to teeter…


And to all of you bitching and moaning about “Oh, well Rick, that’s all you’ve been talking about for the past few days.”

I broadcast for five hours a day five days a week- I DO talk about other news and issues of that day, but there’s no way in hell I’m going to skip this topic of the amnesty bill when our country is bordering on going to Hell in a hand basket.

What else do you want to talk about???

How about what the rest of America is talking about: Spoiled B-Rate Hollywood starlets, American Idol, Dancing with the Stars…

Does any of this sound interesting to you??

Our nation is disintegrating before our very eyes and your average adult- especially those under the age of 30- is always quick to tell you what Britney’s doing with her hair… who divorced who… Or even their American Idol voting record…

And yet they probably couldn’t tell you the first thing about the very people that RUN OUR COUNTRY.

Most of these people aren’t even registered to vote!!


Because of this aloofness we had an onslaught of liberal and so-called “conservative” (insert sarcasm) politicians that snuck behind our backs in an attempt to reward and give special benefits to law breakers.

Not that it was the first time this kind of thing happened…

I’m NOT saying that the American people should stop doing fun and frivolous things in their free time.

I AM saying that the American people has to realize that celebrities, reality shows and other silly things should NOT become YOUR reality.

At least take the time out in your day, when the rare opportunity comes up, to do your civil duties as an American. Just vote… And know WHO you’re voting for.

We as a nation MUST become proactive.

We’ve got border patrol agents in jail for doing their job.

We’ve got a globalist as a President wanting our country to morph into a Canada-Mexico-conglomerate.

We’re being lied to left and right by our representatives.

So why are we concerned about are what your average cocaine-sniffing, plastic surgery-loving Hollywood starlet is up to?

But I digress…

In the meantime, here is some food for thought:

Want to know how to recall an elected official?

(Only) eighteen states permit the recall of state officials…

New Jersey
North Dakota
Rhode Island
Washington, D.C.

(Recall actions in both the House and the Senate are justified in cases of perceived disloyalty to the United States, or the conviction of a criminal statutory offense which involved abuse of one’s official position.)

* In these states, the recall ballot consists of a list of candidates for the office held by the person against whom the recall petition was filed. The name of the officer against whom the recall was filed may appear on the ballot for reelection.

* In these states, the recall ballot consists of two parts. The first asks whether the officer against whom the recall petition was filed should be recalled. The second part consists of a list of candidates who have qualified for the election. The name of the officer against whom the recall petition was filed may not appear on this list.

* The individual charged must receive written notification of the specific charges outlined in the motion to initiate recall against said individual within one day of the motion and at least seven days prior to the meeting at which the hearing will take place.

* All Senators and officers shall be notified at the same time the individual being recalled is accused.

* The recall process is similar to that for initiatives in that citizen petitions are required. The number of signatures necessary to qualify a recall petition is just higher.

* The governor then appoints a successor who must be a member of the same political party as the officeholder recalled, and must be selected from a list submitted by a committee of the political party of the person recalled.

* The signature requirements are high: 25 percent in nine states; 25 percent for statewide offices and 35 percent for legislators in Washington; one-third in Louisiana; and 40 percent in Kansas. California’s requirements are 12 percent for statewide offices; 20 percent for legislators and appellate judges. Georgia requires 15 percent for statewide offices; 30 percent for all others. Idaho’s requirement is 20 percent for all offices. Montana has the lowest number of required signatures - 10 percent for statewide officials and 15 percent for state district offices such as legislative districts.


Link to Rick Roberts KFMB Comments, make your opinion known »

Friday, May 25, 2007

Mosques awarded Homeland Security grants

Hat tip to WND.

While the European Union investigates mosques for ties to Islamic terrorism, the U.S. government is giving mosques security grants that are designed to protect churches, synagogues and other nonprofit groups from Islamic terror.

CAIR urges Muslim clerics to cash in on federal funds

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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Poll: One in Four U.S. Muslims OK With Homicide Bombings Against Innocent Civilians

A survey conducted by the Pew Research Center found that one 25 percent of young Muslims think bombings are OK in some instances of defending Islam.

Key findings include:

  • Overall, Muslim Americans have a generally positive view of the larger society. Most say their communities are excellent or good places to live.
  • A large majority of Muslim Americans believe that hard work pays off in this society. Fully 71% agree that most people who want to get ahead in the United States can make it if they are willing to work hard.
  • The survey shows that although many Muslims are relative newcomers to the U.S., they are highly assimilated into American society. On balance, they believe that Muslims coming to the U.S. should try and adopt American customs, rather than trying to remain distinct from the larger society. And by nearly two-to-one (63%-32%) Muslim Americans do not see a conflict between being a devout Muslim and living in a modern society.
  • Roughly two-thirds (65%) of adult Muslims in the U.S. were born elsewhere. A relatively large proportion of Muslim immigrants are from Arab countries, but many also come from Pakistan and other South Asian countries. Among native-born Muslims, roughly half are African American (20% of U.S. Muslims overall), many of whom are converts to Islam.
  • Based on data from this survey, along with available Census Bureau data on immigrants' nativity and nationality, the Pew Research Center estimates the total population of Muslims in the United States at 2.35 million.
  • Muslim Americans reject Islamic extremism by larger margins than do Muslim minorities in Western European countries. However, there is somewhat more acceptance of Islamic extremism in some segments of the U.S. Muslim public than others. Fewer native-born African American Muslims than others completely condemn al Qaeda. In addition, younger Muslims in the U.S. are much more likely than older Muslim Americans to say that suicide bombing in the defense of Islam can be at least sometimes justified. Nonetheless, absolute levels of support for Islamic extremism among Muslim Americans are quite low, especially when compared with Muslims around the world.
  • A majority of Muslim Americans (53%) say it has become more difficult to be a Muslim in the United States since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. Most also believe that the government "singles out" Muslims for increased surveillance and monitoring.
  • Relatively few Muslim Americans believe the U.S.-led war on terror is a sincere effort to reduce terrorism, and many doubt that Arabs were responsible for the 9/11 attacks. Just 40% of Muslim Americans say groups of Arabs carried out those attacks.

Download the complete report

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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

We're not a land of 'immigrants', we're AMERICANS

I am getting so tired of being referred to as an immigrant. I am 1/2 Mohawk and 1/2 Armenian. I know absolutely NO Armenian. For that matter, I know absolutely no Mohigan either. I am still proud to be what I am. It is nice to know where I came from, but to that extent is all I am? NO!

I am a true-blue blooded American. When the census comes around and they ask me for my race, I put down 'other' and write in, "American."

We are tearing ourselves apart with this multiculturism. How can be 'united' when we do not share the same history, the same language, the same memories, the same heroes, the same holidays, the same philosophies, the same attitudes toward Capitalism and the same goals?

Of course they are each individual. Of course they can be viewed in different hues. But how can they viewed at all when we do not communicate WITH each other instead of AT each other? We are talking past one another, and we cannot solve anything this way.

If you want to discuss illegal aliens, why don't you try looking at it through the lenses of an American? Oh, you are American? Okay, then why do you want to live in a country without Sovereignty?

Do you realize this is only another way to enslave people with government approval? You don't think so? Then you, my friend, have no idea what is really happening in the illegal alien trade. These people are brought here by businesses who pay them maybe a dollar per day or per hour if they're lucky. Some only get paid by what they produce.

This is not to mention the women whom are brought here as sex slaves. They will kill you if you try to escape. What do I mean, 'women.' I meant, 'girls.' If you ever have your daughter stolen, she may just be someone's sex slave who makes lots of money for him. So don't worry about, right?

What are their safety procedures? Forget it. There are none. Can they leave if they like? You are really pulling my string, right? They do not have anything that resembles human rights, with the blessing of our government as it stands.

So what should we do? ENFORCE THE LAWS. We already have laws against slavery. We already have laws against hiring illegal aliens. We already have laws about being in this country illegally. What in God's name is so hard about that?

Monday, May 21, 2007

A New Direction in Iraq

Throughout 2006, the Democratic Party promised that it would provide a "New Direction In Iraq." They said they wouldn't cut the funding for the war. They demanded more troops, and they led voters to believe the plan was a plan for success via a new direction. They strongly denied it was a plan to abandon Iraq, but on election night, DNC Chairman Dean revealed to Chris Matthews that there never was a plan. They hadn't even formed a committee to brainstorm it. Since then, they've opposed sending more troops, opposed new plans for success such as The Surge, and they've advocated cutting funds and mandatory withdrawl dates regardless of whether or not Iraq is secure and stable; regardless of Iraqi Freedom. This video is the Democratic Party's New Direction In Iraq.

LINK to video >>>> DNC Plan For Freedom

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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Brokeback Mountain shown in Elementary School

Family of girl, 12, sues after 'Brokeback' shown in class

May 13, 2007


A suit was filed on behalf of a 12-year-old girl who claims she suffered psychological distress when a teacher showed in class the gay-themed movie "Brokeback Mountain.

"The girl and her grandparents are seeking more than $400,000 in damages under the suit filed Friday against the Chicago Board of Education, et al. In her lawsuit, a 12-year-old girl claims she suffered psychological distress after watching "Brokeback Mountain."

A substitute teacher introduced herself and then said, "What happens in class stays in class," the suit claims. The sub then had a student close the door, and started showing the controversial R-rated film, which features two men engaged in sex. The suit alleges that the principal was aware that the tale of the love between two cowboys set in the West of the 1960s was being shown to the minors.

For the rest of this politically correct agenda information: Chicago Brokeback Education

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US Army

Just Joking. Sunday Funnies.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Islamberg, New York: "You can hear gunfire up there

DISCLAIMER: The different points of views on the Paul Williams and Jihad Watch are not supported nor do they reflect the views and beliefs of The Bosun Locker or any entity affiliated with Bosun.

Courtesy of Jihad Watch

May 12, 2007

Islamberg, New York: "You can hear gunfire up there. I can't understand why the FBI won't shut it down"

Paul Williams at Islamberg

The intrepid Paul Williams has a report in Canada Free Press (thanks to all who sent this in) about his visit to Islamberg, New York, a camp run by the jihadist Jamaat ul-Fuqra group. The inhabitants wouldn't let him into the compound, but he talked to some of the locals, and found out a good deal:

Islamberg is not as benign as a Buddhist monastery or a Carmelite convent. Nearly every weekend, neighbors hear sounds of gunfire. Some, including a combat veteran of the Vietnam War, have heard the bang of small explosives. None of the neighbors wished to be identified for fear of "retaliation." "We don't even dare to slow down when we drive by," one resident said. "They own the mountain and they know it and there is nothing we can do about it but move, and we can't even do that. Who wants to buy a property near that?"

The complex serves to scare the bejeesus out of the local residents. "If you go there, you better wear body armor," a customer at the Circle E Diner in Hancock said. "They have armed guards and if they shoot you, nobody will find your body."

At Cousins, a watering hole in nearby Deposit, a barfly, who didn't wish to be identified, said: "The place is dangerous. You can hear gunfire up there. I can't understand why the FBI won't shut it down."

Islamberg is a branch of Muslims of the Americas Inc., a tax-exempt organization formed in 1980 by Pakistani cleric Sheikh Mubarak Ali Gilani, who refers to himself as "the sixth Sultan Ul Faqr," Gilani, has been directly linked by court documents to Jamaat ul-Fuqra or "community of the impoverished," an organization that seeks to "purify" Islam through violence.

Though primarily based in Lahore, Pakistan, Jamaat ul-Fuqra has operational headquarters in New York and openly recruits through various social service organizations in the U.S., including the prison system. Members live in hamaats or compounds, such as Islamberg, where they agree to abide by the laws of Jamaat ul-Fuqra, which are considered to be above local, state and federal authority. Additional hamaats have been established in Hyattsville, Maryland; Red House, Virginia; Falls Church, Virginia; Macon, Georgia; York, South Carolina; Dover, Tennessee; Buena Vista, Colorado; Talihina, Oklahoma; Tulane Country, California; Commerce, California; and Onalaska, Washington. Others are being built, including an expansive facility in Sherman, Pennsylvania.

Read it all. And then contact your congressman.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

San Diego Churches Welcome Illegals

Courtesy of Rick Roberts

DISCLAIMER: The different points of views on the Rick Roberts Blog are not supported nor do they reflect the views and beliefs of The Bosun Locker or any entity affiliated with Bosun.

Posted at Rick Roberts website, KFMB AM San Diego
May 10th, 2007

Churches in several major cities across America- including San Diego, Los Angeles, Seattle, Chicago and New York- will begin taking major strides in offering sanctuary to illegal aliens.

It will be called the “New Sanctuary Movement.”

Participating churches will provide legal counsel… (Ha, that’s ironic)

Accompany illegal aliens to court hearings…

They will also prepare plans to house them in churches if authorities try to deport them… (as if aiding and embedding in criminal acts wasn’t enough, these ‘churches’ are going to try to throw off federal immigration raids.)

What’s wrong with this picture?

WHAT on earth is WRONG with institutionalized religion these days?

Suddenly the new ‘Christian thing to do’ is to cut in line, break the law, and rape our nation’s sovereignty and culture.

Yes… first child molesters. Now illegal aliens.

Does the Catholic Church, the Protestant Church, and every other “open-minded, affirming” liberal church offering sanctuary not realize that everyone coming across the border isn’t just some friendly lettuce-picker? They’re so damn open minded their brains are falling out!

These churches are simply acting as one of the many steps in the human trafficking business.

Do they not realize that your friendly neighborhood lettuce-picker crossing the Rio Grande, driving down wages, and plundering tax-payer services is breaking the law?

These churches are harboring criminals!

I’m also VERY sick of the pathetic sob stories of anchor babies, or of Pedro who had an extra hard time passing through the desert, or a family of 8 who decided to, instead of abiding by the law of our land- abided by the law of a coyote.

The people that run these churches are no better than a common thief.

Every time I turn around I’m hearing one of these moronic illegal alien protesters railing on about how they “need to be treated like human beings.”

Apparently they are taking the term “alien” a little too seriously…

We can always just call them what they are… CRIMINALS.

Rick's Comments »

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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Did sKerry & Hairy tell Casey to shut down Milbloggers?

OPSEC ordered Milblogs to be scrutinized by their superiors before being posted for content on April 19, 2007. What happened around 4/19? There are three separate events that took place.

First, Pelosi went to Syria without permission in order to embarrass the president and destroy our foreign policy. I wrote about this on the 5/1 and published a cartoon on 4/16, but Farid Ghadry wrote about this on April 5th. CounterTerrorismBlog beat us all to the punch with this article: Now let's get serious about Syran and Congress. (I wrote that, but I give the link to the article.)

Second, Reid claimed that our troops were losing. USN Lt. Nichols wrote a letter to Reid. This was on the 21 of April. In order to have written that letter and sent it, it must have taken more than two days. Therefore I am concluding that Hairy made that statement that 'We have lost' the war in Iraq before the 19 of April. Crotchety Old Bastard also graced us with his everlasting wit about Reid.

Last but not least, there is the issue of allowing the Islamists to get their word out while shutting down the moderate Muslim with OUR tax dollars. Ask Frank Gaffney how that went over. (This was written 4/10.) I know I was calling, and I made myself perfectly clear that they were standing in the way of progress in this war of ideas.

We must all stand together, no matter what your views on this world wide war. Censorship is wrong no matter it is found.

The troops already know their perimeters, so what they are trying to do is to be politically correct. They are now trying to shut down any debate in the ranks, while it is still popular to call our president Hitler. Maybe if politicians had to live by the same rules they wish to impose on the rest of us...never happen!

I'm sure there are many who can put their words together much better than I when angry, but I must remember, with faith, the power of You and Me! Call your congressperson and senators toll free at 866-340-9281 and POLITELY give them a piece of your mind. Let's get this thing turned around!

UPDATE: OMG! I was so upset I forgot to let you know where I found out about this. Over at Blackfive's, there are many sites that are already commenting and writing about this. Please go over there and see for yourself. I'm sure they did a better job than I.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Glenn Beck's Show on CNN: Exposed: Climate of Fear

A discussion about Glenn Beck's book, "Exposed: Climate of Fear" will air on CNN at 7pm and 9pm on May 2, 2007.
There are still questions about why Earth is warming and what man can do about it. In “Exposed: Climate of Fear,” a one-hour special airing May 2, Glenn Beck examines how the media portray global warming – such as in the documentary "An Inconvenient Truth" – and he looks for answers and solutions.

Glenn Beck airs every night at 7 and 9 p.m. ET on Headline News.
This should be very interesting...Since I do not have cable, please let me know how it turns out. Thank you.

Hat tip: Atlas Shrugs. (It is an advertizement on the top-right side of her site.)

Religion of Peace: UK-5 found guilty; Video

Imagine that? Such nice young men. All they want is your head. Is that too much to ask? Come on! The democrats believe them, why don't you? Could this have something to do with it? Aww, but these are peaceful people.

Hat tip: LGF.