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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Womens' Rights Day for Muslims, 3/8/2007

This is a very touching story about a woman who can never go home, although that is her dream. Why not? Because she turned away from Islam and its' brutality. 25.32 minutes.

This is a remarkable woman who speaks very well about what she is demanding from society in general and Islam in particular. The one thing that saddens me about her speech is that while she has turned her back on the religion of Islam, she has lost all faith in religion (IT APPEARS). This I find rather sad, since my life has been so enriched by it. 19 minutes or so.

This woman is also incredible, although an interpreter is used. She speaks German rather well! I do not. lol. Please listen to what these ladies have to say. You claim you want to hear someone speak out? Well. Then listen. 19.17 minutes.

A great big Hat Tip to Serendip.

You will be able to view this video over at Causes of Interest.

Update: Nathan is having an open-trackback weekend, and you MUST add this URL to your post. It is only proper! He is a very nice Christian man who I met quite a while ago (through the net, not face to face). He has very good articles, and he likes to stay on top the news as we do. You may want to add him to your blogroll, because I guarantee you will read news you may have missed. Thanks, and have a great day.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

NGAUS Legislative Updates and Notes: 3/9/2007

The National Guard Memorial is having their first board meeting the year starting today. It will be chaired by Maj. Gen. R. Martin Umbarger. The agenda and other notes are available for you here.

Wednesday there were hearings on the House Armed Services Subcommittee on Air and Land Forces. They were focusing on Air Force and Army airlift and aerial refueling fixed-wing aircraft programs. There were also programs discussed, also. For more information, go to NGAUS homepage and click on JCA for more information.

You may read the rest of the Legislative Updates here.

Friday, March 09, 2007

ME, Sudan, and Germany News Round-Up

Let's start off with some good news for a change, eh? Iran releases 8 women's rights activists from jail! This is a good start, but we still have to pressure Iran for the other 25 women they are still holding. If that link no longer works, try this one.

Another good news article is this: Iraqi MP: Some lawmakers to lose immunity. This could have something to do with the government official's whose son was stopped at the border while returning from Iran. The news neglected to mention that the official had his office searched on suspicious of ties with death squads. If that link no longer works, try this one.

The situation in Darfur, Sudan, has finally reached the ICC: Impunity for war crimes against women. This article confronts the daily abuses and victimization of women. If that link no longer works, try this one.

Here is an article that could be perceived as either good or bad. It depends on whether you'd like to know before hand if there is a threat to your person. Saudi authorities warn foreigners of attacks. If this link no longer works, try this one. Please be careful if you have any plans on travelling anytime soon. To find out if there is a threat level increase, check here.

Syria is not doing anything uncommon. It amazes me how so many people are surprised when they find them to be bad actors, including the USA. This time, however, it was the Belgian Foreign Minister Karel de Gucht who left the country with his hands in the air and he shaking his head. If the link no longer works, try this one.

"BERLIN: Bomb-building instructions have been found on the deleted hard drive of a computer belonging to one of the suspects in the attempted bombing last summer of two trains in Germany, a newspaper reported on Wednesday."

I found this to be partial good news. I'm still quite upset about the leader of Hizbullah's brother being released some 2 years ago. If that link doesn't work, use this one.

Update: Nathan is having an open-trackback weekend, and you MUST add this URL to your post. It is only proper! He is a very nice Christian man who I met quite a while ago (through the net, not face to face). He has very good articles, and he likes to stay on top the news as we do. You may want to add him to your blogroll, because I guarantee you will read news you may have missed. Thanks, and have a great day.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Political movement in Iraq could shuffle more than paper

There is very interesting news coming from Iraq the Model yesterday by Omar. It appears that many people in Iraq are getting very tired of the daily murdering of innocent Iraqis, and they may be ready to warm up to a non-sectarian bloc of politicians. As Omar states:
The political scene in Iraq these days is registering a level of activity like we haven’t seen since right after the elections, when the blocs squabbled over who got to be the new premier.

Political alliances are being redrawn right now —and three developments are shaping the change and dominating local news headlines at stories of violence’s expense. Continue reading Back to Politics!
The main ideas I seemed to come away from this news are that the bloc would be non-sectarian, inclusive of Sunni, Shia and hopefully Kurds and bringing to power the adults. The religious bloc of Shiites will have less power, especially if they lose the majority of seats. This may ease tensions across the entire country.

If this can be accomplished, maybe, just maybe, the Iraqi people can finally start to get a glimps of things recognizably coming together the way they had hope for in the beginning. This would turn the tables on the terrorists. With the Iraqis starting to see their country as Iraq and not what sect they belong to, they will start to feel a sense of unity. This is great news for all involved. Well, except for the terrorists! But that IS what we want, isn't it Senators and Congresspeople? Sometimes I wonder...

Update: Nathan is having an open-trackback weekend, and you MUST add this URL to your post. It is only proper! He is a very nice Christian man who I met quite a while ago (through the net, not face to face). He has very good articles, and he likes to stay on top the news as we do. You may want to add him to your blogroll, because I guarantee you will read news you may have missed. Thanks, and have a great day.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Give aid and comfort to our troops!

I have just read a sincere request by a Chaplain who is stationed in Iraq. He is one of the ones who had his 'going home' time extended another six months. He has a wonderful site, and he never asks for anything until we bug him enough to let us know what we can do to help. lol. Please feel free to send care packages to him. Everything will be distributed and wholely appreciated.
"Many People have Asked" from "The Online Chaplain"

Many People have Asked.
Dear Friends,

Many of you have asked what you might do to help soldiers that come through CSC Scania. Here are some items that are in short supply on an on-going basis that help get soldiers through the days. Mind you they are not essentials, the Army takes care of the essentials. These are what we refer to as comfort items. But if you want to help, here is the list.

Shaving Cream
Hand Sanitizer
Lib Balm
Beef Jerky
Drink Mixes
Breakfast bars
Salted Sunflower Seeds
Small Cans of Pringles
Small bags of Trail Mix
Freeze Pops (the old fashion kind that come in the plastic tube)

Thanks for all that you do. Although we don't always have time to thank everyone we are deeply greatful for your faithfulness. Things can be shipped to:

Chaplain CPT Corey Bjertness
HHB 1/125 Strike
CSC Scania
APO AE 09331


Anything you can spare will surely be a blessing returned to you in a way you could never imagine. I know. Thank you.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Libby found guilty

I am too upset to write a long piece. Here is the AP's spin on it. Libby's lawyer is asking for a new trial. If that fails, he will ask for an appeal.

Here are some articles you can read: American Thinker, Michelle Malkin, Bloomberg's Libby, Ex-Cheney Aide, Convicted in CIA Leak Case (Update2) and Fox News' I. Lewis 'Scooter' Libby Guilty on Four of Five Counts in CIA Leak Trial.

Update: Dagney has written an article more in the way I am feeling today, the next day. I am still appalled at this injustice, and she nails it with her title: The InJustice Department Strikes Again.

Update II: Victoria Toensing has written an article from a legal point of view and more information as to the conduct of the Special Counsel Attorney and Judge. Amazingly breathtaking. That's how discumbobulated this sham has turn out to be.

A Photo to Kill Over

I couldn't pass this one up. It is quite interesting. It is the last photo I would have expected to see in Selma, Alabama, but here it is. Hey, don't blame me. I didn't do it! lol.

For those of you who don't understand the title, this is my reasoning. This a celebration and remembrance of how far we have come since that horrible day in Selma, Alabama, when Democrats ran much of the South. They would beat our Americans of African descent with impunity. On this day almost 50 years ago, there was a march. On the way crossing the bridge, these beast (police) beat them (marchers) with clubs and hoses. It was a very bloody sight.

This also happens to be a political year(s) already, and the 2 front-runners are in Selma at separate Churches (ACLU anyone?) speaking. I've said enough. You look at the picture and you will know who wants to kill whom!

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Ft. Rucker Hit by Tornado; You Can Help

Blackfive has put out the word:
Stay tuned. Ft. Rucker, Alabama, was hit hard by yesterday's tornados and storms. While the fort has been instrumental in helping out the local area, military families have lost loved ones and homes have been destroyed.

Soldiers' Angels is on the job and will be establishing funds to support Ft. Rucker soldiers and families.

As usual, when I ask you to donate, donates first with an initial $50.

Here is the link to the PayPal account to help Ft. Rucker families.
I would be honored if you would go to this link and give generously. I will also be giving what I can. Thank you so very much for caring about and for our military families and our brave men and women who do the work that is necessary for us to remain a free nation. Godspeed.

Uncle Jimbo in Madison at Wando's

Uncle Jimbo and his friend Kevin are going to have a video for us each Friday night. It probably will be posted on Saturday. You should check out their first one: Kev & Uncle J discuss the plan to De-Baathification. It shall be on YouTube under the category of News & Politics.

They discussed many topics, and I was quite taken back. I did not understand why Uncle Jimbo took some of the positions he did, but I figure he was just yanking my chain. At least, that's what I hope!

However you look at it, it is really fun, entertaining, and imformative. (Yeah, I just threw that one in for good measure. :)

Hat tip: Blackfive.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

NGAUS Legislative Update: 3/2/2007

I am sure you have all heard of the horrific conditions found at one wing of Walter Reid hospital. If not, I just covered it. It was horrific. This issue is covered in the Notes this week, along with a resignation and a firing. There is much more information covered in these notes that may interest you. Just check them out. If you like them, great. If not, fine. At least you will (not) know what you're missing.

The Legislative Updates cover many issues as well. They are usually searching for people with specific skills, so you need to keep checking. They usually have announcements regarding special meetings, such as the one that will be held March 5-6. Please bring any newspaper clippings local concerning Army, Air Force, etc. shortfalls in equipment or anything else. Much more info, but you must go read it! lol.

Friday, March 02, 2007

My day's been 'stepped on a nail in barefeet' fine. How's yours?

I went to write something, can't remember what now, and I found out that the WHOLE town (plus others) was out of service if you use Verizon. Okay, I say to myself. I can catch up on some sleep so I can listen to my program that I've missed all week. I wake up in time, and he's running re-runs! Oh brother.

Then I find out the Norton that I bought yesterday won't respond to any commands I give it. Okay, I say to myself. I'll just reinstall it, right? You would think, but NOOOO. Not in my world. I deleted everything that I was supposed to, then when I tried to reinstall there was nothing for the computer to read! Arrggghhhhh!

Well. It turned out that I finally got around to reinstalling it. I am now waiting forever for it to scan my computer for any bad stuff that isn't supposed to be there. Then I have to restart the computer before it kicks in. That's when I'll know if everything is kosher. I think Windows may be screwing with it.

So, how are YOU doing? Hmm??? :)

Have a great day. I'll be back on board as soon as I get everything going correctly. HAHAHA. (Boohoohoo!)