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Friday, December 30, 2005

Positive predictions for the year ahead in Iraq

Watch out world, even the FRENCH news service has something positive to say about Iraq's Economy along with a dig or two directed at the United States. The Bosun Locker is trying to be fair and balanced. So, you will have to call the shots on this one.

Positive predictions for the year ahead in Iraq
unemployment should be tackled by new government

BAGHDAD: Experts predict the formation of a new Iraqi government, following a year of political reforms, will help stabilize the country, revive its stagnant economy and pave the way .....The December 15 general election "doesn't guarantee any of those things, but it offers the promise that now we can put it in place." That all depends on the smooth formation of the next government...."The economic prospects in 2006 will be good for Iraq, provided we have a consensus government which includes all major groups in Iraq and they agree on an economic program," said Abbas Abu al-Timen, the director of the Baghdad Economic Forum...... And one of the digs: The battering the country took under sanctions in the 1990s, followed by the chaos and looting during and after the U.S.-led invasion of March 2003 have had a devastating effect on the Iraqi economy. For the rest of the story, see the Agence France Presse (AFP) that appeared in the Lebanon Daily Star

We see free enterprise and determination of Iraqi people rising out of the ashes of its former self much like the young Arabian Phoenix gathering the ashes of its predecessor into an egg of myrrh and taking it to Heliopolis, the city of the sun. This is a symbolic representation of the death and rebirth of the sun portrayed in both ancient Arabic and Greek mythology.
"Might represent the sun, which dies every night and is reborn the next morning. Among classical writers, it may represent those existing in paradise, enjoying eternal youth. Among Christians, it can represent rebirth after death. "
Maybe there is something to the mythology that has been lost by our collective pessimism. The Democrats in our country who pride themselves as the intellectuals are truly on the wrong side of history again and show their crude ignorance of the agility of the human race. Defeatism of our democratic party is mind boggling.

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Illegal Immigration

Reposted with permission from Sonoran News, Cave Creek Arizona

‘Policing free society is complex’
Second in a series of articles on the Southwest Conference on Illegal Immigration, Border Security and Crime hosted by the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office Nov. 4 and 5.

By LINDA BENTLEY, Reporter for Sonoran News

SCOTTSDALE – Cochise County Sheriff Larry Dever led off the second panel discussion: “The Effects of Illegal Immigration on Public Safety,” without mincing words.’”

Dever said, “A term I heard today disgusts me: ‘Unintended consequences.’” It was what John Fund said earlier to describe his two-hour wait to cross back into the United States from Mexico.

Referring to GAO (Government Accountability Office) reports and testimony before Congress about the “serious disruption of life” ranchers and property owners experience along the border, Dever said, “Every day you have people using your backyard as a toilet.” According to Dever, Cochise County, which leads the nation in illegal immigration, spends an estimated 37 percent of its budget on illegal aliens.

Dever said, “Today, 22 to 24 percent of our resources are being spent on things associated with illegal aliens,” adding, “We can’t just say it’s a federal problem because we have to deal with it every day … I believe law enforcement needs to step up to the plate.” Frank Gaffney from the Center for Security Policy said, “… if one million are apprehended at the border, five or six times as many are getting across. Who are they?” Citing the increased number of OTMs (other than Mexican) apprehended at the border, Gaffney said many were from “countries of interest.” He said, “You’re seeing it play out now in the heart of Europe. Paris is burning because of lack of assimilation.” Suggesting the military augment enforcement and in parallel build a fence, to free up resources for interior enforcement, Gaffney said, “I agree with Mark Krikorian, this is imperative.” Gaffney believes in a combination of law enforcement, measures to ensure the visa program is not being abused, restoring the practice of protecting our ideology and secure documents.

Cal State East Bay Professor Glynn Custred said, “The magnitude of the influx of illegal immigration taking place today is something we’ve never seen,” citing “It was very different from the first great migration.” Custred said the direct consequence of having an endless supply of cheap labor was a deterioration of public safety and the sheer mass of criminal acts taking place.

He said, “It’s a sad state of affairs” when citizens who live and operate ranches at the border are afraid to go out unarmed.

By doing nothing to protect their domestic tranquility, Custred accused the government of actively encouraging drug and people smuggling across the border. “This is inexcusable,” said Gaffney, “We’re protecting the borders in Iraq. Why won’t we do it here?” Stressing the importance of the rule of law, Gaffney said, “Crime is not staying at the border, it’s dispersing all over the country,” and cited how the extremely violent MS13 gang, made up primarily of illegal aliens from El Salvador, has proliferated.

Gaffney said, “The government is reneging on its responsibility.

Let’s hope they finally get their act together.” Eleanor Eisenberg, former executive director of the Arizona American Civil Liberties Union, called immigration law enforcement by local law enforcement “racist,” and stated, “People come here for economic benefit.” She said, “Statistics and studies show crime across all segments of the public is going down, except perhaps here in Maricopa County.

But it’s just inconsistent to say crime has gone up due to illegal immigration.” Eisenberg claimed crime goes unreported by illegal aliens “for fear of consequences.” She then said, “Mr.
Thomas’ decision not to prosecute Patrick Haab remains a very controversial matter,” adding the “anti-immigrant agenda” was reminiscent of the incarceration and imprisonment of Japanese during World War II.

“We turned against those immigrants we imported to do the work,” said Eisenberg.

Claiming local law enforcement is not trained to enforce immigration law, she said, “Immigration law is very complex,” and it would be a distraction and reassignment of local law enforcement personnel.

Responding to a question fielded by syndicated radio talk show host Tom Liddy, who moderated the panel discussion, Custred stated the $300 billion it would cost to enforce immigration laws would result in a $400 billion savings, and said, “I think the federal government should stand up and do what they’re supposed to do.” Eisenberg claimed crossing the border illegally was simply a civil infraction.

Although Dever acknowledged immigration law enforcement is a federal responsibility, he said, “But local law enforcement is engaged.

Crossing the border is illegal – a misdemeanor,” although he said the government has taken the approach of administrative hearings.

Dever commented on a recent Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals’ ruling, which held local law enforcement was not precluded from enforcing immigration laws if a misdemeanor is committed in their presence.

A question as to whether or not the toll-free number to report suspected illegal aliens to Immigration and Customs Enforcement should be expanded was directed to Gaffney, who said, “This isn’t about snitching; it’s about a very laudable means … a neighborhood watch. The public can be part of the solution.

“It’s not fear mongering, it’s responsibility.” The same question was asked of Eisenberg, who responded, “What is a suspicious person, in the mind of an untrained person, could be completely different from that of law enforcement.” Eisenberg then brought up the Chandler Police Department’s illegal alien roundup and called it “a disgrace when they took immigration law into their own hands,” and said it was based on skin color.

There was little support for a national ID card, although there was plenty of support for national standards.

Custred said standards for driver licenses should be tightened up with proof of citizenship.
Gaffney said, “It’s only common sense to have everyone use the same controls.

Issuing a driver license to someone without ID is irresponsible, especially in a time of war.
“We need to have, as a minimum, a standard that every state must meet.” Citing the 200 to 300 deaths each year of people crossing the border illegally, Liddy asked Dever if he thought providing food and shelter to humans in need was a criminal act.” Dever said providing aid to people in need was not a criminal act, although he said, “Some of these groups have used that as a veil to further the smuggling of humans.” Eisenberg said, “Some people think local law enforcement can enforce immigration laws during an invasion,” adding, “I don’t happen to agree that’s what we’re experiencing.” “Before there’s an infringement on the constitutional rights of anyone on American soil, we need to have a compelling need,” said Eisenberg.

Custred stated, “The commission in the late 80s said illegal immigration should not be tolerated.” He said identification documents should be secure and standardized and the laws on the books enforced.

Gaffney said, “We’ve got to confront the contempt of elected officials” for their refusal to enforce immigration laws.

“The problem in Paris today will be coming to a locality near you.” said Gaffney, faulting “elected officials who pay lip service.” Dever closed by saying, “Policing free society is complex.
We should choose the option that is least intrusive.

I don’t see sweeps. But in the normal course of doing business, we come across illegal aliens and extract them from the population. Many of those who cross the border illegally have criminal records.”

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Tsunami Changes Hearts: Rebels & Gov.'t, Indonesia

The long-standing military arm of the Free Aceh Movement has decided to lay down their arms and join the civil society and political part of Indonesia.
BANDA ACEH, Indonesia (AP) -- A year after the tsunami destroyed their battlefield, Indonesia's Aceh rebels formally disbanded their armed wing on Tuesday, effectively ending their 30-year separatist insurgency. [continue reading]
After the tsunami on December 26, 2004, both the rebels and the Indonesian government decided to talk to one another so as not to add to the peoples suffering.
The tidal waves swept away more than 200,000 people in 12 countries, with Indonesia's Aceh province bearing the brunt: more than 156,000 killed. A year to the day after the disaster, survivors wept and prayed in ceremonies at mass graves and beachside memorials across the Indian Ocean region on Monday.

"After the dimension of the disaster became clear, we ordered our units to stop fighting and to help save lives," said Bachtiar Abdullah, an exiled leader of the Aceh separatist movement. He spoke Saturday as he returned home after 25 years in Sweden.
Both sides made concessions so as to keep the peace talks fruitful, and they were. The government conceded 70% of the mineral rights profit and a limited amount of self government. The rebels conceded their long held fight for independence.

So far, it appears the peace is holding. It is a hopeful sign indeed for these two warring parties. Let us hope this good thing that comes on the heels of this tragedy holds.

Adopt a Valour-IT Hero

Soldiers' Angels has had a project called Project Valour-IT for some time now. I have some good news to report. Some 200 brave young men and women have received their computers from the monies we have raised.

For those of you who are new to this Project, the computers are voice-activated so the person using one may continue with blogging, word processing, and writing just about whatever they need or want to write. This is very good for those who've given so much. It is the least we could do.

We would like to continue our work with your help. Donors may now adopt a one of these Soldiers on the waiting list. Patti Bader has informed Holly Aho there are about 30 Soldiers whom have signed up for the Project just waiting to be adopted.

If you are interested, the laptops cost approximately $675+shipping. That is not bad! No, not bad at all. Please try to remember these are men and women whom have lost the use of their arm(s) and maybe even the whole arm. How did they do this? Fighting for you and me to keep us free.

You have asked, "What can I do to make a difference? How can I contribute?" This is how. You can do so right now. Just go to Project Valour-IT's site, and you will find the information you need there. Thank you so much for your help.

If you cannot afford to buy a whole computer, do not despair! I have a link on my sidebar that allows you to donate to Soldiers' Angels Project Valour-IT. Any amount is deeply appreciated. Thank you. Have a great day.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Middle class undermined by mass immigration

Second in a series of Borders Language and culture originally appeared in Sonoran News during November. We are reprinting the series with permission of the newspaper. Sonoran News is an Arizona that serves Cave Creek, Carefree, North Scottsdale, North Phoenix, Rio Verde, Anthem, The Boulders, Desert Mountain, Legend Trail, Pinnacle Peak, Terravita, Tramonto, Troon, Tatum Ranch and Winfield.

Middle class undermined by mass immigration‘I don’t believe ...Hispanic community wants open borders’

This is the first in a series of articles on the Southwest Conference on Illegal Immigration, Border Security and Crime hosted by the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office Nov. 4 and 5.


SCOTTSDALE – During his welcome and opening remarks at the Southwest Conference on Illegal Immigration, Border Security and Crime last Friday and Saturday, Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas said when his office announced the conference, one person asked for his resignation while one of the panelists called him a racist.

“The connection between illegal immigration and crime is undeniable,” said Thomas, who commented on how the diversity of the panelists and attendees was indicative of how important the issues are in the region.

The first panel discussion was moderated by KTVK News Channel 3 Anchor Olivia Fierro.

State Rep. Steve Gallardo, D-Dist. 13, said, after he was invited to be a panelist, “People were telling me, ‘Steve, don’t do it.’” However, Gallardo said, “We need to be coming together on this crisis.” Recognizing there are millions of people living in this country illegally, Gallardo said, “We need to know who they are and why they’re here.

We need rational immigration policies and border security.

“I can’t believe the audience is listening to someone who is pretty liberal,” said Gallardo, adding, “But, I don’t believe anyone, including the Hispanic community, wants open borders.” John Fund, from the Wall Street Journal, pointed out to those who believe there’s a need to crack down on illegal immigration to prevent a terrorist attack, “Eight of the 19 hijackers were registered to vote in this country.” After commenting about the dismal failure of bilingual education, which was recently ended in California, Fund said, “Assimilation has become a dirty word. Assimilation is what made this country great. We need legal immigration and assimilation.” Mark Krikorian, executive director, Center for Immigration Studies, said the basic question we need to ask about immigration, not just illegal immigration, is, “What kind of society do we want?” He said, “The middle class society that we aspire to is undermined by mass immigration.” Because approximately half the immigrants in Arizona are illegal, Krikorian said it creates an enormous mismatch of low-level skills to jobs.

He said some people think there are only two options: mass deportation or amnesty.

He added that somewhere in the middle there is enforcement.

Kirkorian explained the way to back out of this problem is to reduce the illegal population. And, he said the way to reduce the illegal population is across-the-board, consistent enforcement of immigration laws.

Farrell Quinlan, vice president, policy development and communications, Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry, believes Arizona’s demographics indicate there’s a labor shortage. Quinlan said, “We can’t round up 11 million illegal aliens and deport them.” He said one thing was clear: the system is broken and, on behalf of the Chamber and the entire business community, he urged the President and Congress “to fix this broken system.” Fund said any reform would have to include a guestworker program, citing what an enormous success the Bracero program was during the 1950s and 60s. Krikorian emphatically disagreed.

“The success of the Bracero program?“ he said.

“The reason we had illegal immigration was because of the Bracero program.” He called the Hispanic activists’ decry of ethnic cleansing for deporting illegal aliens “hokum,” and said, “There’s nothing more permanent than the temporary worker.” When Fierro asked Gallardo if he agreed with the governor’s declaration of a state of emergency in Arizona, he responded, “Yes,” since it enabled her to obtain $1.5 million.

Quinlan added, “Hopefully more money would be coming,” but questioned Krikorian’s wanting to “put more teeth in the same failed system.” Krikorian said, “I defend enforcing the system we currently have now. We have never enforced the current law.” “Certain parts of our immigration system are working quite well,” said Fund sarcastically, adding as an example of unintended consequences, “It took me two hours to come back across from Mexico with my American passport.” Quinlan said, “[Rigid enforcement] will force these people underground. This can’t be done on a piecemeal basis.” He mentioned issues with regard to education, healthcare and auto insurance, and stated, “We have to have a guest-worker program.” In closing, Krikorian recited a quote, “You can’t have open immigration in a welfare state.” However, he added, “We have open immigration in a welfare state.” Although the solution he’s heard from Libertarians is to get rid of the welfare state, Krikorian said, “That simply isn’t going to happen. Given that, it is appalling to import more working poor. It is simply not sustainable.” Fierro brought up the movie, “A Day without a Mexican,” and asked, “Who would want these jobs?” Although none had seen the movie, Quinlan said, “If we eliminated these workers, our economy would come to a halt.” Krikorian stated the movie had a racist premise and said, “What you would see is not an elimination of those in the labor force, you’d see an attrition. It would be a process, not an event.” Fund stated one of the biggest problems was the failure of public education and said, “We need to improve public education.” Gallardo agreed with Fund on public education, but said, “We need this work force. These are jobs we don’t want to take.” Fierro asked if they thought consular cards were appropriate as identification.

Gallardo said law enforcement officers have stated they would rather have something, including consular cards, than nothing.

“Obviously law enforcement will say they prefer the consular cards,” said Fund, adding, “Ask what their confidence level is in that ID. It’s very low. I don’t believe we should issue any ID to illegal immigrants.” “It’s not the Mexican government’s problem,” said Krikorian, “It’s the acceptance.

The very fact that we allow the acceptance is outrageous.” He said it basically grants amnesty that Congress won’t grant.

Quinlan held up a social security card and called it a joke. He said it utilized 1930’s technology and that the impact of identity theft under current law was so prevalent because those who come across illegally won’t use their real name.

“They want to keep their real identity pure,” said Quinlan. He said they use aliases in case they’re deported, so they won’t have to wait 10 years before they can come across legally.

Krikorian pooh-poohed words such as “regularization,” which he called amnesty without using the word. He said, “We’ve already tried amnesty up front with a promise of enforcement. We need enforcement first.”

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Tuesday's Review of the Pundit Review

Should a child born of an illegal alien be given automatic citizenship? It is a pretty hot topic. There has been calls from people who came to America through the process who feel cheated. There are others who wish only to argue. We all agree, however, that the government is mostly to blame, then businesses, then the illegal alien.

Professor Don Lustin Poor and Stupid is speaking of economics and it's effects on illegal aliens. Entitlements will never solve the problem, because built into the system is a provision so when the economy goes well, the entitlement gets better. This is why there is no way to 'outgrow' the deficit.

Entitlement programs are injurious not only to Americans, but also to the aliens who desire to come here, says Professor Lustin. He believes hard working immigrants from impoverished countries should be welcomed here, as long as they have the drive to better America and their lot in life. The problem lies within the fact they cannot afford to pay much into the system that grants them full benefits.

Take for example health care. If a person does not have to pay for their health care, they never see the actually costs involved. Without seeing the actually costs, it is easier to order all kinds of tests you may not even need, just because you can. That makes the cost rise for me!

Another issue discussed was the minimum wage. It is also a problem. It is an artificially high and arbitrary price placed on labor for jobs that do not deserve as much as the minimum requires. If we did away with entitlements and minimum wage, we could see the true effects of a free market.

This is the end of two hours of illegal aliens and the economical effect. We will be discussing Intelligent Design and possibly the court decision when Gregg and Kevin come back.

Dr. David Parker is the first guest. Many degrees in science he has! John Farrell is a Harvard graduate, he is not a scientist, and he is a good Catholic.

Trying to define ID is a little difficult for these guys, I can tell. LOL. It is all quite simple. When you get into the tiniest element of all, the cell, look at how wonderfully created it is! That can come about from nothing? NO! Evolution is taught as fact even though it has been disproved in many ways. (Please don't ask. I failed science! lol)

I hope to cover tomorrow's show for you. I may have done better had I realized when I sat here that I was going to do this! It took me by surprise when my fingers just got away from me. lol. Have a good day everyone.

Results from the Iraqi Elections

Mohammed from Iraq the Model has brought us this breaking news.
The election commission announced the results of voting that took place in military bases and 15 countries outside Iraq. The four major lists scored the following numbers:
Kurdish alliance: 176,361 (36.56%)

United Iraqi Alliance: 146,191 (30.28%)

Iraqi list (Allawi): 53,576 (10.11%)

Iraqi Accord Front: 23,409 (4.85%)
Due to much speculation by the 'pundits' here in America, I highly recommend you read this article from someone who lives in Baghdad. He has written a very thoughtful and well organized article about the situation on the ground.

He goes into details I would fail to grasp, because this is his country and his neighborhood. There is good news, tentatively, along with some gruesome facts about certain things that happen when creating a democracy from scratch. (They remind me of the Democrat Party!) It is a very educational read.

Update: Omar has written more on today's news in Iraq. It is astonishing how well this is being covered in Iraq by 2 brothers and yet, not a peep of good news back here at home. No wonder our men and women in uniform do not understand why no one has a clue as to the good things happening in Iraq. All they have to do is start reading blogs!

You can do this, and you will know more than any 'pundit' does! LOL. Have a great day, and remember to say a prayer for our troops, the coalition, and the Iraqis.

Monday, December 26, 2005

Pundit Review: Intelligent Design

Gregg and Kevin did a wonderful job on the radio today substituting for the Independent Guy. The first hour they covered bumper stickers. You know, your favorite ones and the worst ones you've seen. It was a blast.

The second hour they covered a recent report on education. Our children are in trouble unless we get involved in their education. If you see a Mom struggling, help her children with their homework. It doesn't seem like much, but your effort may help those children suceed in school.

The third hour was filled with many questions to Bill Roggio of The Fourth Rail. He gave us an update of what life is like in the Sunni triangle. Yes, he was there. He just returned. Remember to visit his site!

Gregg and Kevin shall be discussing Intelligent Design tomorrow. You may listen live at 9am to Noon EST! Streaming Live @ They will be here all week.

To read Kevin's site, go to Pundit Review. There is much good information there. Have a great day!

Hrant Dink Threatened for Speech, Turkey

Hrant Dink is a journalist and editor, yet he is also a human rights defender. He writes for a bilingual Armenian-Turkish weekly newspaper named Agos. The initial proceedings against him for ' insulting Turkishness' began April 28, 2005, and he was convicted on October 7, 2005, for a different charge of 'insulting Turkishness.'

The first charge is thought to stem from a question he answered in 2002 pertaining to his feelings about reciting the Turkish pledge of allegience, stating he is a Turk which he is not, during his youth in Turkey. The second charge is pertaining to an article he had written. He believes the charge against his article is because it is taken out of context.

He had actually written a series of articles to encourage Armenians in Diaspora to put down their hatred of the Turks, and become more involved with Armenian issues. This was his crime. At that time, he received a sencence of six months which was suspended.

It has come to the attention of many intellectuals and journalists that he is now being threatened with 4 1/2 years imprisonment for 'influencing the judiciary.' This makes the 3rd charge against this journalist.

The Turkish government is chosing to see this as judicial influencing because Mr. Dink declared he would leave the country if his appeal was not successful.
The country's most famous novelist, Orhan Pamuk, was charged under the law with insulting Turkey, for telling a Swiss newspaper in February that "30,000 Kurds and 1 million Armenians were killed in these lands, and nobody but me dares to talk about it."
This is considered by Turkey to be an insult, and it is not legal to speak any workds in Turkey, even when true, that insult the government.

According to Prime Minister Recep Yayyip Erdogan, "Freedoms are not limitless; in freedom there's a definite limit." This was stated last week. (How would you like to live there?)

Three other journalists were also charged with trying to influence the judiciary after they criticized Dink's conviction, including Mr. Dink's son. He says that his aim is to alleviate the tensions between Turkey and Armenia. Dink is appealing against the conviction.
Please send appeals:
Protesting the decision to bring Hrant Dink to trial for the peaceful exercise of his right to freedom of expression, and requesting that the charges against him be dropped.

Emphasising that the right to freedom of expression is guaranteed by the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and the European Convention on Human Rights, to which Turkey is a signatory.
The Minister of Justice Mr Cemil Çiçek
Ministry of Justice
Adalet Bakanligi
06659 Ankara, Turkey
Fax: + 90 312 418 5667
Salutation: Dear Minister

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan
TC Easbakanlik
Ankara, Turkey
Fax: + 90 312 417 0476
Salutation: Dear Prime Minister
Sources: ISTANBUL, Turkey (AP), English Pen, Free expression is no offense.

Metro~males of the Democratic Party

Hat tip to Big Dog. What a cartoon!! But, it is also sad that the Metro Males of the Democratic Party is driving the train wreck....

BN: Gas Released in Russian Store, Sickens

There have been incidences of a 'gas' substance released in approxiamately 3 different sites of the Maxidom home-goods chain. One store that was affected is in Russia's second largest city. After a search, boxes with wires and timers attached directly to the ampules which allegedly held the gas were found.

There were 78 people who were sickened and sought medical attention. Of that number, 66 of them are now hospitalized, states Viktor Beltsov, a spokesman of the Emergency Situations Ministry. Russia claims that none of the reasons for their staying in the hospital is life-threatening.

These same devices were also found at two other stores owned by this chain, said Andrei Aylabiev. He is another spokesman of the Emergency Situations Ministry.

As the news is being reported here, they are stating this was not a terrorist attack.

Source: St. Petersburg, Russia (AP)

Editors Note: Should we all just stop looking for terrorists? Apparently there are no more! The attacks in England? That was just some misguided youths, just as in France during the October fire drill.

These countries, including our own, will not confide in us that there is a danger looming. Why won't they? Because if they did (which they cannot because it would give away National Security secrets, and we are NOT the NY Times), the grip of fear would paralyze us.

Why doesn't President Bush talk about the weapons of mass destruction that we have found? Probably because we cannot let the enemy know we have captured 'x'-amount of 'a' and 'y'-amount of 'b'.

Let me explain. If someone has 1000 tons of 'x' and we captured 500 tons of 'x', we don't want them looking for the other 500! BTW, we have captured much, be assured.

Waiting for the rapture in Iran

On Sunday there was article an Christian Science Monitor, Waiting for the rapture in Iran, that focuses in on Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and his fanatical ranting.

"Among the true believers is Iran's hard-line President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who predicted with "no doubt" his June election victory, months in advance, at a time when polls gave him barely 1 percent support. The president also spoke of an aura that wreathed him throughout his controversial UN speech in September.
"O mighty Lord," Mr. Ahmadinejad intoned to his surprised audience, "I pray to you to hasten the emergence of your last repository, the promised one, that perfect and pure human being, the one that will fill this world with justice and peace." Later, at a private meeting with a cleric that was caught on video, Ahmadinejad shared his views of the moment. "I felt that all of a sudden the atmosphere changed, and for 27 to 28 minutes the leaders did not blink," he said. "They were astonished.... it had opened their eyes and ears for the message of the Islamic Republic......."

A spokesman last week dismissed the video as fake (other sources confirm it is authentic), and denied that Ahmadinejad bases decisions on "heavenly affairs." But this presidential obsession with the Mahdaviat [belief in the second coming] yields a certitude that leaves little room for compromise.

From redressing the gulf between rich and poor in Iran, to challenging the United States and Israel and enhancing Iran's power with nuclear programs, every issue is designed to lay the foundation for the Mahdi's return.......Ahmadinejad has said that "Israel is a "tumor" that must be "wiped off the map." And, like the neo-Nazi fascists and Islamists, Ahmadinejad also denies the Holocaust ever existed.
One would have to be very naive not to see that there is a major conflagration brewing. Ahmadinejad appears to have a twisted concept of reality by denying the Holocaust existed, banning western music, and his obsession with Mahdi's return. Some Arabs have said that Osama bin-Laden (UBL) may be the Mahdi or maybe like our John the Baptist who is ushering in the Mahdi.

Here is a little background about Mahdi, from
Mahdi ~ Related: Islamic Biographies (mä´dē) [Arab.,=he who is divinely guided], in Sunni Islam , the restorer of the faith. He will appear at the end of time to restore justice on earth and establish universal Islam. Among the Shiites the concept of the Mahdi takes a different form (see imam). In the history of Islam, many lunatics have claimed to be the Mahdi. They pass themselves off as reformers antagonistic to established authority. Take for example, Muhammad Ahmad, who lived in the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan, 1844 - 1885. in 1881, Ahmad declared himself Mahdi and led a war against Egyptian military occupation. Ahmad died in 1885 and his followers were final defeated in 1898.
The world has a problem that does not appear to be going away. Now, we have a rising islamist fanatic with potential for nuclear capability. The apologists and appears will find out that their dream world mentality is not going to protect them from the likes of a man like Ahmadinjad.

Lets see some information that comes from Alireza Jafarzadeh about Iranian nuclear capabilities and Jafarzadeh's thoughts on Almadinejad:

Alireza Jafarzadeh is the president of Strategic Policy Consulting, Inc. He is also a FOX News Channel Foreign Affairs Analyst. Alireza Jafarzadeh is a well-known authority in issues relating to terrorism, and Islamic fundamentalism in Iraq, Iran, and the Middle East; Iran's nuclear weapons program; and its internal political developments, including the anti-government demonstrations, the student movement, and human rights. The international concerns about Iran's nuclear weapons program has largely arisen from Jafarzadeh's stunning revelations about 7 major previously secret nuclear sites, including the sites in Natanz, Arak, Karaj, Ab-Ali, and Tehran.

Ahmadinejad is one of the most radical elements within the Iranian regime who has been with the regime since day one. His background is the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, the most radical military structure that was put together after the Iranian revolution. These are the religious zealots who carried out the Iran Iraq war, carried out the domestic suppression. He spent some time, both within the Iranian Revolutionary Guards but also as a commander of what is called the Jerusalem Force which is the most deadly force within the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, which is involved in terrorism outside of the country. He also spent some time at Tehran’s notorious Evin Prison where he has reportedly shot coup des gras at prisoners. He spent some time as the Mayor of Tehran where he put very restrictive measures against the women and against the youth. He separated the elevators between men and women, so with that kind of a background, when it was time for a new president to be elected, the Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Khamenie wanted to make sure that this guy would take office. So he urged the Iranian Revolutionary Guards to get others to vote, as you say, “early and often” and that’s how he actually became President.

As delusional as Ahmadinejad appears to be, he may lay claim that he (Ahmadinejad) is the Mahdi. One has to wonder what the Revolutionary Guard and Iranian military reaction will be if Ahmadinjad has those visions and if the clerics will finally say enough is enough? Apparently there are critics in Iran, many of them clerics, accuse Ahmadinejad of manipulating public sentiment, even if he is personally sincere in his belief.

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Saturday, December 24, 2005

Merry Christmas

As we celebrate this holiday season, my contributors and I at The Bosun Locker would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy New Year.

We sincerely hope that the spirit of Christmas remains with all of us throughout 2006.
The Christmas Story according to Luke
And Joseph also went up from Galilee, out of the city of
Nazareth, into Judea, unto the city of David, which is called
Bethlehem..... To be taxed with Mary his espoused wife, being great
with child. And so it was, that, while they were there, the days were
accomplished that she should be delivered. And she brought forth her
firstborn son, and wrapped him in swaddling clothes, and laid him in a
manger; because there was no room for them in the inn.
And there were in the same country shepherds abiding in the field,
keeping watch over their flock by night.
And, lo,the Angel of the Lord came upon them, and the glory of the Lord
shone round about them: and they were sore afraid.
And the Angel said unto them, Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good
tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people. For unto you is born
this day in the city of David a Savior, which is Christ the Lord.
And this shall be a sign unto you; Ye shall find the babe wrapped in
swaddling clothes, lying in a manger.
And suddenly there was with the Angel a multitude of the heavenly host
praising God, and saying, Glory to God in the highest, and on earth
peace, good will towards men.
Luke 2:4-14

I am a retired military veteran and spent many Christmas' of past in foreign places away from family and friends. It would be amiss if I did not mention how grateful we are to the men and women who serve this country so courageously overseas. These American heroes, far from home, are fighting the enemies of freedom and keeping our country safe at home. We recognize their sacrifice as they help win the War on Terror. Thank you for your service.

During this holiday season we should also take the time to reflect on this historic year of accomplishments. The Iraqi people have made a giant step this year toward total democracy and America has done great things. May the joy of this season bring all of you renewed happiness on this day and everyday throughout 2006. God Bless our President, members of congress, our military members in harms way and the people of the world.


Amazing Grace

Friday, December 23, 2005

Pundit Review's Big News & Salutes the Troops

Today, Friday December 23, 2005, Gregg and Kevin of Pundit Review will be hosting The John Depetro Show from 9am until noon EST.
We’ll get to cover such a wide variety of topics from breaking news to last minute Christmas shopping, Intelligent Design and the Top 5 Local Business Stories of 2005. Who knows what else? We may even have a special guest appearence from popular bloggers like LaShawn Barber. Stay tuned for more details next week.
9am-noon, Friday and all next week
You can stream the show live and call us with questions or comments at 877-469-4322.

This should be a real blast! Break a leg, fellas. [read more].

Then on their regularly scheduled Sunday program at 6pm EST, there is a very fine line-up. Also, on this special day (Christmas for those of you who live in caves, lol), all the partisanship is set aside, and they will have a round-up of great guests to Salute the Troops.
We will highlight soldiers and organizations that support them and their familes. So, after spending a day with your family, spend an hour on Christmas evening saying thank you to those who make it all possible.

Guest List

1. Walter Goya, you may recognize the name. His heroics were chronicled on Michael Yon’s blog. A member of Deuce Four serving in Mosul Iraq, Walt was twice injured in combat. Hasn’t let him keep eye injury from his dream of being photographer. Learn more about Walt here.

2. Judith Young, Executive Director of Gold Star Mothers, an organization dedicated to offering support to mothers of soldiers killed in combat. This group has been doing this since WWII. Judith lost her son in Beruit in 1983. She will talk to us about how difficult the holidays can be for families, how the GSM can help, and how people listening can help fund their efforts.

3. James D. Weiskopf, the Director of Communications for the Fisher House. He will come on to give us an overview of the Fisher House, as well as information on how people can support their efforts (cash, donate frequent flier miles to families of wounded soldiers, etc).

4. Bill Roggio from The Fourth Rail will help us close the show. Bill has just returned from several months in Iraq where he did some of the best citizen journalism we’ve seen.
Thank you to all Soldiers, Seamen, Marines, Coast Guard, NG, Reserves, and all the people that stayed behind to keep the homefires burning. May everyone have a very Merry ChristMass or Hanukkah and Happy New Year.

Brian Maloney and KRKO

Kevin at Pundit Review has shared with us this great news about Brian!
Sorry for the late notice, but Brian Maloney of Radio Equalizer has been doing a great job all week filling in for Scott Allen Miller on WRKO’s Boston This Morning.

As always, you can stream the show live right here.

UPDATE: Brian is also guest hosting next week, every morning 5:30-9am. [EST]

When Brian was on Pundit Review a few months ago, he broke the news that Michael Graham had been fired from his job in Washington DC for controversial comments about Islam. Ironically, Michael has just taken over the afternoon drive on Boston’s other talk station.
This is certainly great news for this young radio icon and his audience. Looking forward to tuning in. You may not want to miss this. It will be a nice change of pace.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Hezbollah crime and terror syndicate

When our Hezbollah crime and terror guy, Hamadi got his walking papers from the Germans and later Susane Osthoff got released, I could not help but wonder how odd it was that the Germans released him (Hamadi) and then hostage, Susanne Osthoff, was released. Was it more than mere coincidence?

On 11/30/2005, German leader, Merkel, stamped her mark on German foreign policy and vowed that her government will "not let ourselves be blackmailed" by militants who kidnapped German archaeologist Susanne Osthoff and her driver in Iraq. It was odd that Merkel would publically make such a big fuss and also indicate her solidarity to the United States during that same speech. Then, a few days later Hamadi was given his walking papers.

Keep in mind that Hamadi's brother, Abbas, was arrested in Germany in 1987 and charged with helping to kidnap two German businessmen in a bid to use them as bargaining chips for Mohammed Hamadi's freedom. Abbas Hamadi was released in 1993 after serving half of his sentence. At the time, German news media reported, that he was let go as part of a deal between the German government and Hezbollah to release two other Germans held hostage in Lebanon. But, German officials denied that assertion just like they deny it today. Sounds eerily similar to the latest release. Only Merkel, German intelligence, Hamadi, and Hezbollah knows for sure and none of them are talking about it. Anyway that was then and this is now.

We should also keep in mind, another crime and terror family member, Imad Fayez Mugniyah (Hezbollah security organization), who has apparently has been active on the terrorism circuit for the past 20 years. According to Laura Mansfield's Notebook, America's Truth Forum, there appears to be striking similarities between terrorism of 20 years ago at the hands of Mugniyah, and the practices of the present-day terrorists in Iraq.

Mugniyah allegedly has been tied to kidnappings and bombings throughout the world over the past two decades, including the following:

▪ April 18, 1983 bombing of the United States embassy in Beirut, which killed 63
people including 17 Americans
▪ October 23, 1983 simultaneous truck bombings against the French paratroopers and US Marine killing 58 French soldiers and 241 Marines.
▪ September 20, 1984, he attacked the US embassy annex building.
▪ Linked to the numerous kidnappings of Westerners in Beirut through the 1980s – some were killed, some by beheading, and a few were eventually released
▪ March 17, 1992 bombings of the Israeli embassy in Buenos Aires Argentina, which killed 29
▪ July 1994 bombing of the AMIA cultural building in in Buenos Aires Argentina, killing 86 people
▪ Orchestrated the 2000 abductions of three Israeli soldiers in the southern part of Lebanon
▪ Abduction of Israeli Colonel Elchanan Tenenbaum. Source: Laura Mansfield

All these guys are brothers for the cause and are part of a larger crime and terror synidcate that is apparently headed our way. There is still so much intrigue in the Middle East, who knows who is doing what to whom over there. The kicker is that they are apparently moving through South America.

AND, Hezbollah has been increasingly busy in our Western Hemisphere. Back in 2002, Jeffrey Goldberg, reporter-at-large for The New Yorker magazine did an interesting 2- part article, "IN THE PARTY OF GOD" about Hezbollah operations in South America and the United States:

You gotta read these articles with open source info from a great investigative journalist who went into the bush where the bad guys live.

"Roughly two hundred thousand people live in the Ciudad del Este region, including a substantial minority of Arab Muslims; in the Triple Frontier zone, there may be as many as thirty thousand. According to intelligence officials in the region and in Washington, this Muslim community has in its midst a hard core of terrorists, many of them associated with Hezbollah, the Lebanese Shiite group backed by the Iranian government; some with Hamas, the Palestinian fundamentalist group; and some with Al Qaeda. It is, over all, a community under the influence of extreme Islamic beliefs; intelligence officials told me that some of the Triple Frontier Arabs held celebrations on September 11th of last year and also on the anniversary this year. These officials said that Hezbollah runs weekend training camps on farms cut out of the rain forest of the Triple Frontier. In at least one of these camps, in the remote jungle terrain near Foz do Iguaçu, young adults get weapons training and children are indoctrinated in Hezbollah ideology—a mixture of anti-American and anti-Jewish views inspired by Ayatollah Khomeini.

In the Triple Frontier, Hezbollah raises money from legitimate businesses but, more frequently, from illicit activities, ranging from drug smuggling to the pirating of compact disks. Unlike the other radical Islamic groups in the Triple Frontier, Hezbollah, it is said, has the capability to commit acts of terror."

Keep in mind that Part 2 of the series really does take place in South America, not the Middle East.

Be ever vigilant.

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The battle against false reporting

The battle is still waging in Mississauga - Erindale between the Canadian Coalition and Omar Alghabra. Yesterday, Canadian Coalition printed a rather lame retraction after goofing up what they saw, heard, and supposed. Now this day, they are recinding their position. Personally I think that they should cool it and shut up. It is only going to make matters worst and their credibility will be questioned more.

Here is the new scope from THE MISSISSAUGA NEWS

Liberals rally behind Alghabra Religion never mentioned, candidate says By Chris Clay, Dec 22, 2005

Just days after publicly accusing the federal Liberal candidate for Mississauga-Erindale of making pro-Islamic remarks during his nomination acceptance speech, the Canadian Coalition for Democracies (CCD) has rescinded
its position.

The CCD now alleges the candidate uttered his remarks after he had left the stage and finished his speech. (Would be nice if you name names and supply us with affidavits. I am not going to follow you around on this one now.)

However, the president of the Mississauga-Erindale riding association and other Liberal party stalwarts insist the remarks were, in fact, made by another Liberal party member from Markham.

Outgoing Mississauga-Erindale MP Carolyn Parrish and Elias Hazineh, president of the Mississauga-Erindale Federal Liberal Riding Association, staunchly defended
candidate Omar Alghabra. (Carolyn and Elias are stepping up to the plate. And, Hazineh says he was physically present and attests to Omar's side of the story. Carolyn says she heard utterances, but not from Omar.) Read the rest of the story in Mississauga News Online.
I plan to keep any eye on this mess. It smells slightly fishy. I am smarting yet for originally posting CDC's press release. Right now my bet is with Omar for being in the clear. He appears to have credible folks stepping up to the plate. However, CDC seems to be flopping around like John Kerry does down here. First they hear it then they don't. After sleeping on it, they figure out a different angle, kind of like they now heard it, but, in a different context. At the end of the day, if it was said, Canadian voters, you got a problem. If it was not said, CDC you have a serious credibility problem.

For all concerned, when a man or organization's credibiliy is gone, so, is the man or organization, unless you are liberal democrats down here in the U S of A. Then they elevate the man or organization like the "Peter Principle."

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Zimbabwe's Mugabe, 82, Seeking Exit Strategy?

The Financial Gazette has an interesting article about Zimbabwe, Mugabe's exit, and upcoming elections. While they discuss constitutional amendments, keep in mind the Movement for a Democratic Change (MDC) has been the brunt of violence at each election. Therefore, they do not have a voice in these procedings.

Mugabe's term of office is over, if he stays in office, in 2008. There are talks of having an interim president until 2010, from 2008-2010, so as to ease the country into a new governing body.

Zimbabwe is a country slightly larger than the state of Montana with a population of almost 15 million people (corrected numbers due to type error on Dept of State website). The capitol is Harare (pronounced Ha-RAR-e). It is located in Southern Africa, and it's terrain is mostly desert with a subtropical climate.

While Zimbabwe has had a turmoltuos chaotic time with this government, here is how it is constructed:
Type: Parliamentary.
Constitution: December 21, 1979.
Independence: April 18, 1980.

Branches: Executive--President (chief of state and head of government), Cabinet. Legislative--In the 150-seat House of Assembly, 120 seats are popularly elected and 30 are directly appointed by the president or selected through a process strongly influenced by him. Judicial--High Court, Court of Appeal, local and customary courts.

Administrative subdivisions: Town Councils and District Councils.

Main political parties: Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front [Mugabwe's party] (ZANU-PF); Movement for Democratic Change [Opposition party] (MDC); National Alliance for Good Governance (NAGG), Zimbabwe African People's Union (ZAPU), Zimbabwe African National Union-Ndonga (ZANU-Ndonga).
If you would care to find out more about the people and the economy, you may do so by reading this. Have a good day.

Borders, Language, and Culture: Are we as safe as we feel?

According to a Reuters Feature Report, Mexican drug gangs are forcing Indians to grow opium and marijuana, and are taking advantage of the out-of-the-way rural landscape of the Western Sierra Madres to step up their operations. Gangs are reported to becoming increasing violent and forcing the local population into a cartel servitude. Read the details of these gangs exploiting local citizens in Reuters Featured Report.

This along with reports that Border Patrol agents stationed along the nation's southwestern frontier are encountering armed and potentially hostile military units from Mexico. WorldNetDaily reported that U.S. Department of Homeland Security has issued written orders on what to do if confronted by Mexican military units. World Net Daily alludes that some units are in the employ of powerful drug cartels. Read the details about what the agents face now at!

Our southern border with Mexico is about 2,000 miles long. It is estimated that the only "secure areas" are around out major ports of entry. Which leaves the majority of that border unprotected, open, and for the most part unguarded. Anyone can enter most often undetected.
Despite recent momentum in Washington for the construction of a physical barrier on the Mexican border to prevent illegal aliens from coming into the U.S., some of the strongest opposition is being voiced by the governor of one of the border states. Gov. Janet Napolitano, D-Ariz., is smashing the idea of a border wall, stating it would be too expensive, take too long to construct, and be ineffective once completed. "You show me a 50-foot wall and I'll show you a 51-foot ladder at the border. That's the way the border works," Napolitano told the Associated Press. Read the details of Napolitano's ideas and concerns in WorldNetDaily article.

According to a Newsmax article in November, Al-Qaeda Operative Nabbed Near Mexican Border, an al-Qaeda operative who was on the FBI's terrorist watch list was recently captured near the Mexican border, housed in a Texas jail and turned over to federal agents. This information came from Rep. John Culberson, R-Texas.

"A confirmed al-Qaeda terrorist, an Iraqi national, was held in the Brewster County jail," Rep. Culberson told ABC Radio host Sean Hannity. "He was captured in Mexico. This was within the last six weeks. He was turned over to the FBI." Link to the article

According to a recent article in Sonorannews.Com, enforcement along the southern border is worst in history. Bill King, former director of the Border Patrol Academy, opened the discussion by saying, "If this nation is truly at war, and it is, we need to secure our borders," and said the military should be assigned to assist border patrol operations. Read the Sonoran News Article.

To our north, the 4,000 mile long U.S. / Canadian border has been described as the longest undefended border in the world. Relations with the government of Canada remains cordial. The Canadians are our brothers and sisters north of the border quite similar to us in language and culture. Until 9/11 one did not realize one was crossing into a foreign country. However, Canadian immigration policy is lacks and is especially desirable for those seeking some form of asylum. The Canadian government grants permanent landed resident status easily to individuals from countries strongly suspected of supporting organized terrorism. Remember former Montreal, Canada resident Ahmed Ressam (millennium bomber) was an Algerian-born Al-Qaida operative who was arrested by U.S. Immigration Inspectors in 1999 while he attempting to bring a carload of explosives into the United States in Port Angeles, Washington. His intended target was the Los Angeles International Airport. Ressam was only caught because he attempted to smuggle his explosives through a port-of-entry.

In a Canadian Broadcasting Company article in May 2005, Al-Qaeda's Canadian recruits 'highly prized', the CBC reported that:

The majority of al-Qaeda recruits in Canada are being trained at home, not abroad, making the terror network a direct threat to Canada, according to a recently declassified intelligence report. The homegrown recruits are highly prized for their familiarity with Western societies, says the Canadian Security Intelligence Service report, obtained by the Toronto Star. The group once trained recruits in the hills of Afghanistan, but the camps were dismantled as the U.S.-led "war on terror" became Firmly established. Link to article

While the traditional mission of the Customs Border Protection has always been the detection and prevention of the illegal entry of aliens and smuggling of illegal contraband into the United States, the dawn of the age of terrorism within our nation added a new priority mission: to detect and prevent the entry of terrorists and their weapons into the United States.

Looks like we may have to go back to the drawing board to get some serious programs, policies, and plans in place to keep us safe. Of course that would require bipartisan cooperation. In a divided Senate it is unlikely. They had all they could do to squeak an extension of the Patriot Act. The pundits are too busy hating our President.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Liberal candidate (Omar Alghabra) denies pro-Islamic remarks and Alastair Gordon of Canadian Coalition's correction.

Hat tip to : Conservative Insider for an alert on Omar's press release rebuttal to a Canadian Coalition's press release. This appears to be Canadian Election Slander at its finest on the part of Canadian Coalition.

So far the Canadian Arab Federation, who should go to bat for Omar has remained out fight. It is a travesty that mud slinging of this type is allowed in Canadian politics. Initially it appeared that several people and a tape were available. Now, the story changes and centers around one individual. What is the reputation of Canadian Coalition? Any more of our Canadian Cousins north of the border that would like to weigh in? The Bosun Locker deeply regrets printing a Canadian Coalition story that did not accurately reflect what happened. Canadian Broadcasting Corporation had sparse coverage of the initial later proven false story in their Riding Talk section and has also drawn attention to the false reporting by Canadian Coalition. Perhaps their senior team of journalists should do a reality check on Canadian Coalition and discuss this smear campaigning in the "Reality Check" section of their website. "Reality Check" is supposed to to help you make an informed choices by separating what is "real" from what is campaign hyperbole. Canadian Coalition mislead the public in not separating Omar's comments from others and ended up discrediting their organization and those of us who printed their press release.

Here is the latest in the Mississauga News regarding this affair:


Chris Clay
Dec 20, 2005

The Mississauga-Erindale federal Liberal candidate vehemently denies allegations he made pro-Islamic remarks during his victory speech at the nomination meeting earlier this month.

Omar Alghabra, 36, said the allegations were simply "not true" and were "false and inaccurate.

"I didn't say a thing about Muslims or Islam in my acceptance speech," said Alghabra, who took 488 of the 773 votes cast at the meeting Dec. 2.

"I don't agree with mixing politics and religion. Yes, I'm a Muslim, but I'm also a Liberal, a man and an engineer. The whole thing is untrue."

In a press release issued by the Canadian Coalition For Democracies yesterday, the organization alleges Alghabra said, "this is a victory for Islam. Islam won. Islamic power is extending into Canadian politics."

Erindale resident Sheref Elsabawy, who was at the meeting, said he was "shocked" to hear Alghabra make several pro-Islamic remarks.

Elsabawy, a 40-year-old senior network engineer and Coptic Christian who voted for Alghabra, said, "this was a big warning for us that we could be second class citizens (if Alghabra is elected). He has an agenda.

"I feel embarrassed to have endorsed Omar to the Coptic Christian community," said Elsabawy. "We don't support candidates because they're a Muslim or Christian."

Reached by phone in Ottawa, former Mississauga-Erindale MP Carolyn Parrish, who was at the meeting, said she didn't hear Alghabra make any religious or incendiary comments during his speech.

"I honestly can't say I heard Omar say that," said Parrish, adding she wished Charles Sousa had won the nomination.

"I don't think Omar made those comments and he's not the type of person to say something like that."

Alastair Gordon, president of the Canadian Coalition For Democracies, described his organization as a non-partisan, multi-ethnic body that supports a free and open democratic process locally and abroad.

He said religion should stay out of the secular world and that he would have been equally offended if similar remarks, which he admits to hearing second-hand from several sources, had come on behalf of any religion.

"In essence, the message was an expansionist, Islamic message," said Gordon. "If a Christian had said this, that it was a victory for Christianity and that Christians now had a voice in parliament, I would have gone ballistic."

Alghabra is running against Conservative candidate Bob Dechert, the NDP's Dr. Rupinder Brar and the Green Party's Adam Hunter in the Jan. 23 election.

You can go the Liberal Party of Canada Website to read Omar's biography, etc.

Here is Alastair Gordon, Canadian Coalition's correction. This lame correction was not visible at the mainpage of Canadian Coalition's website and only in their forum section:

Posted by Al Gordon on 10:35:05 2005/12/21

In Reply to: Liberal strategy a dangerous mix of religion and politics posted by CCD Press Release

Please note that 'Concerned Canadian' and others are correct about two inaccuracies in
the press release.

1. The date of the actual event was December 1 not December 2.

2. Witnesses to the event are consistent in saying that Omar Alghabra did not make the attributed comments as part of "his victory speech after winning the nomination" as reported in the press release. Mr. Alghabra is therefore correct as quoted in the Mississauga News: "I didn't say a thing about Muslims or Islam in my acceptance speech". By all reports, his acceptance speech was professional and uneventful. The attributed comments are reported by independent witnesses to have occurred as part of the general celebratory exuberance immediately following the acceptance speech. In addition, Mr. Alghabra made no attempt to distance himself from the statements made on the podium by Khalid Osman, which are reported to have occurred as presented in the press release.

(Bosun's comments: As far as witnesses, what started as six was narrowed to one. The tape that was alluded to did not materialize. The original press release alluded to unprofessional. Canadian Coalition should shout it out on the main page of their website that they got it wrong. Why did Canadian Coalition add "Mr. Alghabra made no attempt to distance himself from statements.....Did Khalid say it or not say it? Sounds to me that Canadian Coalition is not being crystal clear on this and is putting up some wiggle room to justify an earlier erroneous report.)

I would ask that anyone who wishes to repeat these corrections do so in their entirety, as a false picture could be painted by selecting only isolated passages. (Bosun comment, I printed it in its entirety, but, it still wiggles around. We need truth and fair and balanced reporting. Next time print six signed affidavits and produce a transcribed tape, or you will be just an uncreated and perhaps biased news source. Did you go to the same journalism school as our biased MSM?)

The public can judge whether or not these corrections result in any material difference. CCD regrets any confusion that may have been caused.

Alastair Gordon

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Hezbollah killer freed as hostage is released

GERMANY has quietly released a Hezbollah member jailed for life for the murder of a US Navy diver, disregarding Washington's desire that he be extradited or remain behind bars, officials said yesterday.

The government said there was no link between Mohammad Ali Hammadi's release and that of a German hostage in Iraq just days later.

"He served his term," Eva Schmierer, a spokeswoman for Germany's justice ministry, told a news conference.

Sources in Berlin and Beirut said that Mohammad Ali Hammadi, who was convicted of killing Robert Dean Stethem in Beirut during the 1985 hijacking of a TWA flight and sentenced to life in prison, was flown to Lebanon last week.

For the rest of the article, please visit The Scotsman Online Newspaper

Related topic
International terrorism

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Cross-posted: Knickerbocker News, The Bos'un at MSN

Monday, December 19, 2005

Scary News North of the Border: Islam Won..Liberal strategy a dangerous mix of religion and politics

Updated and corrected. Omar is in the clear. Canadian Coalition put out some bad word and sound like a bunch of wackos.

On December 22th, the Muslim Canadian Congress denounces anti-Muslim hysteria being whipped by Canadian Coalition for Democracies and issued this press release:

TORONTO - The Muslim Canadian Congress has asked the Peel Regional Police
and the Attorney General's office to investigate the role of the Canadian Coalition for Democracies in whipping up anti-Muslim hysteria after a contested Liberal Party nomination meeting in Mississauga.
Unfortunate remarks made by some members of the crowd have been attributed falsely to Omar Alghabra, a Muslim candidate in Mississauga Erindale and the issue has taken an unacceptable racist tone.
Atique Azad, a member of the MCC Board, said, "I attended the meeting and was there when Alghabra spoke. At no stage during this time did Omar Alghabra utter any words that he is being accused of saying. The attack on Omar Alghabra by the Canadian Coalition for Democracies is a thinly disguised attempt to portray Muslims as the evil bogeyman in Canadian politics."
Azad said that someone in the crowd did raise Islamic slogans and speak about the rise of Muslim power, but neither Omar Alghabra nor Canada's Muslims should not have to be held responsible for the stupidity and irresponsible remarks of an
individual. "Law enforcement agencies must intervene and put an end to this
attack on Canada's Muslim community," Azad added.
Tarek Fatah, a founding member of the MCC said that the sad developments in Mississauga Erindale are the direct result of political parties using ethnic and religious communities to win nomination battles. "Sooner or later this mixing of religion, race and politics would have exploded in our face. What has happened in Mississauga Erindale is the chickens coming home to roost," he added.
For too long Canada's political parties have manipulated mock ethno-religious conflicts in nomination meetings to generate membership funds and give the false sense of political participation of marginalised minority communities said Fatah.
"Across this country mainstream politicians have played one community against another in a classic orientalist style to win nomination battles. This encouragement of tribalism must end," said Fatah. The role of the so-called Canadian Coalition for
Democracies has been shameful and despicable, he added.
"We must be supporting political parties and candidates on the basis of their platforms and principles, not their race or religion. Unfortunately, in Mississauga Erindale Liberal Party nomination meeting, the politics of ethnicity, religion and
tribalism triumphed over policy and platform allowing Islamophobes to flex their
muscle," said Tarek Fatah.

For information on Canadian Coalition's retraction, please contact:

Alastair Gordon President Canadian Coalition for Democracies PO Box 72602 345 Bloor Street East Toronto, ON M4W 3J0 Canada



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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Mostafa Pourmohammadi told The AP that Ahmadinejad's comments were "misunderstood" by the West, Don't Believe it.

Holocaust Remarks Seen As Iranian Strategy

TEHRAN, Iran - Remarks by Iran's hard-line president that the Holocaust was a "myth" and Israel should be "wiped off the map" are not just wild comments by a novice leader, but part of a strategy to keep anti-Israel sentiment alive in the Middle East, analysts said Saturday...... "The man is still living in 1979 and believes Iran represents a revolution more than just a state," said Mustafa Alani, director of security studies at the Gulf Research Center in Dubai. "He believes (verbally) attacking Israel, which was a key principal of the revolution, will serve Iranian interests in the region more than polite, rational policies." Link to article

EU Threatens Sanctions Over Iran's Holocaust Comments
Friday, December 16, 2005

ATHENS, Greece — European leaders threatened sanctions against Iran for its president's remarks about Israel and the Holocaust, even as the regime's interior minister, Iran Mostafa Pourmohammadi told The Associated Press that Ahmadinejad's comments were "misunderstood....." Link to the article
(Bosun's comments) Oh, really. Sounds like this was taken right out of the DNC playbook. If one says something idiotic or controveral, then, all one has to do is sprinkly "BS" dust over the statement and say it was taken out of context or was misunderstood by the listener.

On the surface, it sounds like the EU is stepping up to the plate in condemnations. However, last month there was an associated press article that makes one look at this stepping up to the plate cautiously:

EU downplays leaked memo on east Jerusalem Fri Nov 25,10:08 AM ET

BRUSSELS (AFP) - The European Commission downplayed the significance of the leaking of a report accusing Israel of seeking to prevent Jerusalem becoming the Palestinians' future capital, although admitting it was "unfortunate".

The European Union's executive arm pointed out that EU foreign ministers last week publicly announced that such a report is due to be published, and also publicly made such criticism of Israel at a meeting in Brussels.

"There is no wish to conceal a document. There's a public statement that a document is going to be made public," said Emma Udwin, spokeswoman for EU external relations commissioner Benita Ferrero-Waldner.

The preliminary EU report -- it is unclear if it was the final version -- was leaked in Jerusalem by an Israeli group campaigning against demolitions of Palestinian houses in east Jerusalem.

"Israel's activities in Jerusalem are in violation of both its roadmap obligations and international law," said the document. View Complete Article
While discussing the EU, one must also look at the United Nations. It was less that a month ago that the United Nations hosted the UN Day of Solidarity with the Palestinan People in which they deplayed a map of Palestine without Isreal being on the map. Eyes on the UN has saved and archived several of the pictures of the event. And, good old Kofi Annan and the boys were there addressing the festivities. Kofi issued a UN Press release "Day of Palestinian Solidarity ' A Day of Morning and a Day of Grief" with this excerpt:

"This Day of Solidarity is a day of mourning and a day of grief. The human and material losses sustained by the Palestinian people in the last two years have been nothing short of catastrophic. The deplorable situation in the occupied Palestinian territory has kept the whole region in a continuous state of crisis for over two years now, with no end in sight. Hundreds of lives have been lost, mostly among Palestinians, but also among Israelis. Tragically, and unacceptably, many of the victims have been children.

Excessive and disproportionate force has often been used by the Israeli authorities, along with extrajudicial killings, arbitrary detentions, deportations and collective punishment measures such as house demolitions. Such actions only intensify rage, desperation and a desire for revenge. At the same time, cruel and devastating terrorist attacks on Israeli civilians, including suicide bombings, have claimed large numbers of innocent lives, and wounded many more. Such actions only set back the
Palestinian cause. The result of these actions has been the near-total destruction of the belief on either side that there is a genuine partner for a just peace."

We need to fully analyze the motives and the ambitions of both the EU and the United Nations, to find out where they really stand in regards to Isreal.

The relationship between Isreal and its Middle Eastern neighbors is complicated and difficult to grasp. Here are some other stories about the region:

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Friday, December 16, 2005

Iraq-The Day After

Yesterday was such a momentous day that I barely listened to all the negative statements being made today. There was something about the president secretly spying on Americans (no secret, ask Rockefellor-Dem., no spying on American-American), something about a civil war, and a lot of stuff we've heard for years now. I'm tired of it, and I'm simply too happy to let it affect me.

I feel sorry, in a way, for the Democrats who chose not to share in the joy of this Iraqi who wrote a letter to Mohammed, of Iraq the Model, about yesterday's vote:
Like eyelashes close in delight upon the sight of one's lover, the boxes closed their lips on Iraqis’ballots.

The tyrants forced us to remain silent for decades but yesterday our fingers spoke out loud in purple.

The fingers wore their purple wedding dress while the enemies wore the black of hatred and evil.

Elections have become the new tradition of Iraqis, those new democrats who proudly want to show the world their new experiment but on the other side there are our "cousins” who still want us to go back to the sheep barn.

We marched to vote and we respected our differences while Saddam is creeping in his cage chewing on his hatred.

From 59 to 64 to one year our people have proven that the future belongs to them and not those whose claws scarred Iraq’s neck.

A few bombs and some bullets, that’s all what the terrorists could do to interrupt the carnival in Baghdad. The people heard the explosions but those weren’t loud enough to distract the marching hearts from their destination. I saw our policemen yesterday showing their hearts too when they refused to wear their armors, maybe because they didn’t want to let anything stand between our hearts from theirs.

I asked an election official about the problems they faced. He answered laughing:

“Iraqis are like sweet fruit, and their sweetness lies in their big hearts and meeting them at the voting station yesterday was enjoyable like eating a good plate of sweets! They cast their ballots while I enjoyed the Iraqi symphony of patriotism”.

It was a day of happiness for Iraqis and a day of loss for the strangers who thought their camels brought them to a land void of patriots.

It is a day we will await to come again for four long years…to do the right thing again or to correct the mistake if we did one yesterday.

Anyway, I believe we left a mark on the face of history, a purple mark that will not be forgotten easily.

God bless Iraq and Iraq’s friends throughout this world. It wasn’t our day alone; it was your day too.

Aash al-Iraq…Aash al-Iraq.
Thank you, USA Military and loved ones. You were there on the front lines to bring this day forward. Loved ones, you made it bearable. Thank you, also, Coalition Partners. You saw the great vision of freedom, and you stepped up to the plate instead of sitting on the sidelines of history.

Thank you, also, to where credit is due. Thank you Iraqis. You have braved the dangers of the terrorists and insurgences, uncertainty, and tyranny to move forward to the promise of faith, hope, and love.

Faith of your fathers, faith of your own. Your right to choose how you live, and faith in your fellow man. Hope for a better and peaceful future. Hope for dreams unimaginable yet. Love for your country, your family, your God (for those religious), and peace.

May He shine on you always, may your hope be nurtured well, and may your love prove itself through the transformation of a great nation and be fulfilled.