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Friday, February 25, 2011

Wisconsin today... Is your State next? End the madness‏

email received today from gopusa. your comments for or against. it this baloney or is it noteworthy. links for donations were deleted.
Dear Fellow Conservative,

Last night, the Wisconsin State Assembly passed Governor Walker's budget repair bill, sending the bill to the Senate for a vote. However, Democrat State Senators are still missing and state police were dispatched to the homes of multiple Senate Democrats who fled the state in an attempt to block the bill from becoming law.

The Democrats in our state continue to hurl accusations of dictatorship and suggestions of violence. Radical members of the left are creating havoc at the cost of Wisconsin taxpayers. They're using increasingly vile language is pushing our state to the brink and we must act swiftly to push back.

We're fighting back against the extreme left in support of Governor Walker and the Republican State Senators who, unlike their Democrat counterparts, are doing their jobs and acting in the best interest of the taxpayers, not to mention the core conservative principles we share. But our strength is based on your support. And the cost of pushing back against these liberal groups is mounting.


The Democrats' over-the-top rhetoric is a transparent attempt to fill the void left by their hollow arguments and empty promises to taxpayers. This type of violent and sensational language from the left is an insult to you and me. Governor Walker and legislative Republicans' electoral victories over tax-and-spend Democrats last fall is what democracy looks like.

If we are able to work together to secure a victory, it will deliver a crushing blow to the extremists' far left agenda that is bankrupting not only our state, but our entire country. Please join our fight today. Thank you.

Mark Jefferson
Executive Director
Republican Party of Wisconsin.

P.S. The fight for victory in Wisconsin is not over yet! As I type this email, liberal groups are organizing large scale protests and hurling radical accusations at Governor Scott Walker and Republican legislators. We're fighting back with all of our might, but the cost to do so is growing. We need your support right away. Please follow this link to make a secure, online donation to the Committee to Elect a Republican Senate. Your urgent support is needed. Drive the extreme left crazy- make a donation today!

Committee to Elect a Republican Senate
Post Office Box 2741 Madison, Wisconsin 53701

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Obama Union Poll

Have unions outlived their usefulness

We have come a long way since John Steinbeck's days of Cannery row... America has changed and I am wondering if the usefulness of UNIONS have come to pass. Guy Cecil, DSCC, wrote that he has been watching what’s going on in Wisconsin, and it’s just one more example of how extreme Republicans have gotten. Guy accuses the repubics of trying to balance the national budget on the backs of those who can least afford it. Guy also observed that the repubics are launching an attack on teachers, prison guards and other public employees – the very workers who educate children and keep America safe. And, the repubics are trying to strip away most collective bargaining rights and increasing the cost of UNION health care.

On the other hand, Conservatives dispute all that DSCC and the progressives say indicating that UNIONS are breaking the backs of state budgets and hold the people of the country hostage while protecting their own benefits...

I am wondering?