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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Are we now going to hear from Kim Jong Il?

Are we now going to hear from Kim Jong Il?
Parody by Bosun

WASHINGTON (BS) -- Reports out of Pyongyang on Friday afternoon has pointed to confusion of North Korea's nuclear intentions, despite Pyongyang's recent agreement to begin dismantling its weapons programs in return for aid.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Il who has a long history of grandstanding and manipulating negotiations over his nuclear program for his regime's gain, has often emphasized symbolism over realistic efforts to abandon nuclear bomb-making and delivery systems. Kim Jong Il is now demanding to meet with Nancy Pelosi, saying that any agreement with Presidente Boosh and his administration is old hat and that he expects the same most favored treatment that his brother in arms, Assad, received from the Democrat Party of the United States. Kim Jong Il quickly pointed out that he is considered part of the "Axis of Evil" and does not appreciate anyone else grandstanding and exploiting the news media.

"Kim Jong Il has the option to continue to manipulate the international community by alternating provocations and engagement overtures as he reshapes the political and military environment to meet his twisted objectives," undisclosed sources in Washington said.

Pelosi, just back from the Middle East was not available for comments.

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