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Thursday, May 10, 2007

San Diego Churches Welcome Illegals

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May 10th, 2007

Churches in several major cities across America- including San Diego, Los Angeles, Seattle, Chicago and New York- will begin taking major strides in offering sanctuary to illegal aliens.

It will be called the “New Sanctuary Movement.”

Participating churches will provide legal counsel… (Ha, that’s ironic)

Accompany illegal aliens to court hearings…

They will also prepare plans to house them in churches if authorities try to deport them… (as if aiding and embedding in criminal acts wasn’t enough, these ‘churches’ are going to try to throw off federal immigration raids.)

What’s wrong with this picture?

WHAT on earth is WRONG with institutionalized religion these days?

Suddenly the new ‘Christian thing to do’ is to cut in line, break the law, and rape our nation’s sovereignty and culture.

Yes… first child molesters. Now illegal aliens.

Does the Catholic Church, the Protestant Church, and every other “open-minded, affirming” liberal church offering sanctuary not realize that everyone coming across the border isn’t just some friendly lettuce-picker? They’re so damn open minded their brains are falling out!

These churches are simply acting as one of the many steps in the human trafficking business.

Do they not realize that your friendly neighborhood lettuce-picker crossing the Rio Grande, driving down wages, and plundering tax-payer services is breaking the law?

These churches are harboring criminals!

I’m also VERY sick of the pathetic sob stories of anchor babies, or of Pedro who had an extra hard time passing through the desert, or a family of 8 who decided to, instead of abiding by the law of our land- abided by the law of a coyote.

The people that run these churches are no better than a common thief.

Every time I turn around I’m hearing one of these moronic illegal alien protesters railing on about how they “need to be treated like human beings.”

Apparently they are taking the term “alien” a little too seriously…

We can always just call them what they are… CRIMINALS.

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