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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Another jihadist plot foiled

I have news from Counter Terrorism Blog, Atlas Shrugs, The Drudge Report here and here, and AllahPundit at Hot Air. Everyone is all over this, but...but...but I thought we did not have have any terrorists here? I'm so confused! It must be because I'm a conservative. Yes, that must be it.

If I get blown up, it will only be my imagination. After all, how could I know anything? That is why I give you the links to the people are so much brighter than me. Please read them. They are too scary for me. After all, I'm just a girl.

Psssst: That there is what we here call, "Sarcasm" for those of you do not get it.

Update: Michelle Malkin has written a rather impressive article, as usual, about the capture of three of the four jihadis (or terrorists, whichever you prefer). The entire criminal complaint ("Courtesy of Robert Nardoza at the United States Attorney's Office in the Eastern District of New York) is posted over at Hot Air (same link as above. Just scroll down for the PDF link.) Criminal complaint? What in the world do you have to do be called a terrorist and go straight to Gitmo?

Here is the DOJ's press report (PDF). Ah, now let us see just how long it will take for the dinosaur media and the politicians to blame this Bush...and the timing. And on and on we go.

Will anyone ever realize we are at war not by choice but because they are trying to kill us?

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