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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Report: Al-Qaeda Big Threat to Homeland

Courtesy of CBN News

Al Qaeda Threat - A new White House report says that al-Qaeda poses the number one terrorist threat to the American homeland.

The report comes as Congress is considering expanding the government's powers to spy on suspected terrorist at home.

While America hasn't been hit by a terrorist attack since 9/11, it hasn't been for lack of effort by al-Qaeda.

Bin Laden Not Hiding in Tribal Areas?

The White House says the group is stepping up its efforts to place agents within the United States -- and calls it the "most serious and dangerous" terrorism threat.

The report comes on the heels of a recent warning by U.S. intelligence that attacks by al-Qaeda against European cities may be imminent.

A common problem facing both the U.S. and Europe is al-Qaeda's establishment of a safe haven in Pakistan's tribal areas.

It's in that lawless region, the White House says, that al-Qaeda is able to plan and train freely for attacks against the West.

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