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Friday, November 02, 2007

Glenn Beck: UN to Tax Americans?

The U.N. must not be satisfied with the worldwide UNICEF carton collections, because they just keep on pushing ways to implement a global tax.

The door may be starting to creep open on that front, with the Law of the Sea Treaty, which Glenn Beck believes will lead to a U.N. global tax. Everyone whom Glenn has talked to, callers and politicians alike, say it's a bad idea yet Senator McCain and others on a Senate panel backed the idea 17-4.

This is the same idea that had Ronald Reagan losing sleep at night. Members of Congress and the Senate, this is why more people believe the moon landing was a hoax than approve of the job you are doing. Pat Gray from KSEV in Houston joined Glenn to talk about this and more. Read the transcript Link Here. (Insiders listen here).

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