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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Why are the Islamists still messing with Spain?

Hey, Last I knew Spain elected a socialist, withdrew from the war on terror and capitulated to the Mohammedans.

What the hell are radical islamists still doing messing with Spain. The socialist government has done everything other than force conversion to Islam?

Courtesy of MSNBC: Spain arrests 14 terror suspects

MADRID, Spain — Fourteen suspected Islamic militants arrested in Spain on Saturday may have been planning a terrorist action in Barcelona, the interior minister said.


The arrests in Barcelona were prompted by information from several unspecified European intelligence agencies, and there was evidence the suspects — 12 Pakistani nationals and two people from India — could have been planning "a terrorist action" in the northern city, he told a news conference.

Rubalcaba said police found four timers.


Civil Guard officers made the arrests as part of raids planned with the National Intelligence Center, the Spanish equivalent of the CIA, Rubalcaba said. Five homes were searched overnight he said.

When are the infidels and Kuffers going to wake up? Maybe radical islam should be designated as illegal?

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Rosemary said...

Fat chance on that designation. Besides, wouldn't they then be protected and offered all the benefits that not even the Spanish people are entitled to? You know, for committing the crimes not even Spanish will commit? LOL.

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