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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Coulter: Alternative energy? How 'bout a car that runs on Democrats' lies

In her usual demure style, Ann Coulter comes out blazing today against Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats in response to their energy plan.

Writes Coulter: "Announcing the Democrats' bold new 'plan' on energy last week, Pelosi said breaking into the Strategic Petroleum Reserve 'is one alternative.' That's not an energy plan. It's using what we already have - much like 'conservation,' which is also part of the Democrats' plan.

"Conservation, efficiency and using oil we hold in reserve for emergencies does not get us more energy. It's as if we were running out of food and the Democrats were telling us: 'Just eat a little less every day.' Great! We'll die a little more slowly. That's not what we call a 'plan.' We need more energy, not a plan for a slower death."

Says Coulter of the Democrats: "They don't want drilling. They don't want more oil. They want humans to ride bicycles and then to die."

Read Coulter's entire column now at This is not a drill

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