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Friday, March 02, 2007

My day's been 'stepped on a nail in barefeet' fine. How's yours?

I went to write something, can't remember what now, and I found out that the WHOLE town (plus others) was out of service if you use Verizon. Okay, I say to myself. I can catch up on some sleep so I can listen to my program that I've missed all week. I wake up in time, and he's running re-runs! Oh brother.

Then I find out the Norton that I bought yesterday won't respond to any commands I give it. Okay, I say to myself. I'll just reinstall it, right? You would think, but NOOOO. Not in my world. I deleted everything that I was supposed to, then when I tried to reinstall there was nothing for the computer to read! Arrggghhhhh!

Well. It turned out that I finally got around to reinstalling it. I am now waiting forever for it to scan my computer for any bad stuff that isn't supposed to be there. Then I have to restart the computer before it kicks in. That's when I'll know if everything is kosher. I think Windows may be screwing with it.

So, how are YOU doing? Hmm??? :)

Have a great day. I'll be back on board as soon as I get everything going correctly. HAHAHA. (Boohoohoo!)

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