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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Womens' Rights Day for Muslims, 3/8/2007

This is a very touching story about a woman who can never go home, although that is her dream. Why not? Because she turned away from Islam and its' brutality. 25.32 minutes.

This is a remarkable woman who speaks very well about what she is demanding from society in general and Islam in particular. The one thing that saddens me about her speech is that while she has turned her back on the religion of Islam, she has lost all faith in religion (IT APPEARS). This I find rather sad, since my life has been so enriched by it. 19 minutes or so.

This woman is also incredible, although an interpreter is used. She speaks German rather well! I do not. lol. Please listen to what these ladies have to say. You claim you want to hear someone speak out? Well. Then listen. 19.17 minutes.

A great big Hat Tip to Serendip.

You will be able to view this video over at Causes of Interest.

Update: Nathan is having an open-trackback weekend, and you MUST add this URL to your post. It is only proper! He is a very nice Christian man who I met quite a while ago (through the net, not face to face). He has very good articles, and he likes to stay on top the news as we do. You may want to add him to your blogroll, because I guarantee you will read news you may have missed. Thanks, and have a great day.

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