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Saturday, September 29, 2007

US Senate out of reality: Partitioning Iraq??

Iraq denounces US Senate partition plan

Friday, September 28, 2007

Local reactions poured in denouncing the US Senate decision to partition Iraq viewed by its backers as a new attempt to curb violence. MP Saleh Al Motlaq considered that the decision do not respect the International Law while MP Hassan Al Shumari feared Iraq’s future would turn against federalism. In his turn, MP Mithal Al Allusi denounced the release of a similar resolution.

In the same context, the White House rejected the plan of Iraq partition as spokesman Tony Fratto undermined the importance of the Senate’s vote saying it’s a non-binding resolution. Fratto confirmed that the final decision about Iraq future goes to Iraqis’ themselves and cannot be imposed on them by foreign countries.

The Arab League criticized the draft law approved by the Senate. The league’s Director of Arab relations Ali Al Jaroush affirmed that the first mean to face such a divisive decision is to bolster Arab role in Iraq.

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