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Monday, March 03, 2008

Child Beheaded, Wonder What the Attacker’s Religions Is?

Courtesy of my friend Big Dog

Child Beheaded, Wonder What the Attacker’s Religions Is?

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A man walked into a supermarket in Jeddah Saudi Arabia, picked up a 15 month old child and cut the boy’s head off with a knife. Shoppers watched in horror as the man raised the boy and hacked through his throat until his head came off. The man who did this was Syrian and he was the boy’s uncle. He did it because he had some dispute with his sister and her husband.

People were horrified and some fainted while others had to go to the hospital for treatment of shock. This happened in Saudi Arabia and the attacker was Syrian so is there any question as to the religion of the man involved? Only people of the religion of peace go around and lop off the heads of their relatives because of a dispute. Only a coward kills a defenseless child and this coward was no doubt a follower of the child molester Mohammad.

“No one could bear the gruesome sight of the boy’s decapitated body lying on the floor,” said Muneer, a Turkish car mechanic, who works at a garage close by. “How could someone do such a thing? I just can’t understand it… I still can’t believe it,” he said, shaking his head. Arab News

This is a low life thing to do and yet these people bring about this kind of behavior. They find it acceptable for adherents to their prophet to cut the heads off people who have committed the crime of being Jewish. These are the same kind of people who cheer as blood thirsty savages hold up the severed heads of contractors captured in Iraq. These are the people who cheer when contractors are burned to death and hung from a bridge and who cheer when American soldiers are disemboweled and butchered.

I think this is a horrible crime and that the man should be put to death but I blame his religion and his society for devaluing human life to such an extent that people kill their own relatives because of a dispute. How many of the horrified shoppers never bat an eyelid when some fanatic sets off a bomb that kills children in Iraq? How many of these idiots feel that it is perfectly OK to be martyred for the cause of Mohammad?

That little boy did nothing wrong and the coward who killed him should suffer the most painful death available. However, there will continue to be these kinds of killings until such time as the radicals who espouse killing for Islam are found and eliminated.

The mother of this boy and the shoppers at the store now know how Daniel Pearl’s family and our nation (and the balance of the civilized world for that matter) felt when radicals sawed his head off. Until they fight back against this kind of brutality, nothing will change.

God have mercy on the soul of this child and may his attacker rot in hell.

Big Dog salute to Sonnabend

Big Dog


Anonymous said...

that is messed up to the max.

Saudi Arabia is the only country in the world that institutes beheading as an official form of capital the 21st century

Anonymous said...

This is what we call 'Crocodile tears'? A crocodile crys for the death of its food.

Whose followers are the Jews and the Christians who butcher childern of Palestine, Iraq and other muslim nations and rape muslim women?

Who has killed more than 3 million muslim children in Iraq alone?

Are Bush (the christian crusader) and his people are muslims?

Is Ariel Sharon (a jew) who committed henious and horrible crimes through out this life(that will put to shame this beheading) a muslim?

Do not allow such hate mongers to compose rubbish in the name of news? These people are the most responsible for all the killings happening in this world now.

All muslims know the jewish agenda.
You are seeking revenge for the punishments of our beloved prophet Muhammed (Pbuh). Your forefathers betrayed the muslims and tried to kill them. Do you why they where beheaded, becauses this particular tribe of jews used to behead people as their punishment?
You call the Prophet a child molestor? I ask Allaah(sub) to give you your reply.

Go study about Islam and its high ethical values