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Wednesday, March 05, 2008


Courtesy of Rick Roberts, KFMB San Diego 
March 5th, 2008


Sorry, folks!!!

The talk radio topic queen (otherwise known as Senator Hillary Clinton) isn’t dead… yet.

Or… is she?

Several conservative pundits are pushing for fellow right-wingers to vote for her. Perhaps they’re responsible for her win last night?

Who knows… Who cares?

It’s nothing more than a mere talking angle to generate gasps and attention…

Any conservative in their right mind knows that Hillary would be the most devastating of the three heavy players.

As you’ve been hearing, it was a great night for the She-Beast… it really was. After a double-digit losing streak she won three of the four states by wide margins on Super Tuesday 2.

And guess who else helped put her over the top in these states?

Hispanic voters. What a shocker. She sure did a lot of campaigning by the border… I wonder if all of them were legal?

Last I checked everyone (including identity-stealing illegal immigrants) do not have to show ID in primaries, or to vote at all.

Hillary, who will never mention a loss, couldn’t wait to rub her little bump in numbers into the face of fellow socialist Barrack Obama.

The Obama chant ‘yes we can’ has now been lifted– in a way– by Hillary. Last night she began chanting “Yes we will.” If Obama was as low (or at least, as desperate) as Hillary he would have begun shrieking cries of plagiarism immediately after her victory speech!

But I digress…

If you listened to the news coverage this morning you’d think that Hillary Clinton was the second coming… The ’second come-back kid,’ as the media has dubbed her…

The math, however, is NOT in her favor.

Several experts are saying that it doesn’t matter how well Hillary did last night, she could win the next 16 states in a row and would STILL lose the nomination.

They’re right.

Unless she casts the suspicious Clinton spell onto the precious superdelegates–or, if they suspiciously die as many who step in front of the Clinton freight train do– Obama already has the nod.

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