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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

NBC Obsesses over Swift-Boating

Curry Treats Dems as Victims, NBC Obsesses Over 'Swift-Boating' On Tuesday's Today, NBC's Ann Curry treated both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton as victims of unfairness -- worrying Obama will be "swift-boated" by Republicans and asking Clinton if she agreed "the playing field has been not level because you are a woman?" This was at least the third time an NBC News host or anchor has fretted to Obama about him being "swift-boated" by odious Republican tactics, questions which presumed the criticisms of John Kerry in 2004 were mendacious. Curry's loaded question to Obama, and his answer with "Can Obama Handle Republican Attacks?" as the on-screen heading: "In the last presidential election John Kerry, a decorated military veteran, was 'swift-boated' as being unpatriotic. Why do you dismiss the kinds of questions that are going to be the bread and butter of the Republican campaign, if you become the nominee?"

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