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Friday, May 09, 2008

Left: You have no moral authority

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I have worked many years trying to get people involved in this movement against the Sudanese government. The Left is not interested. I have contacted the black caucus in Congress only to receive a hang-up. I have called President Bush and left lengthy arguments for military action such as surrounding the state, stopping the inflow and export of products, and even action if necessary.

He did, however, send a few thousand men into Liberia. Another place where I was concerned about the people under the thumb of Charles Taylor, a war criminal who is now on trial in the Hague. Call me a whoos, but I care. I can't stand genocide. I thought when we made that promise, 'Never again', we meant it. I do. Forgive me for being naive if everyone else knows better.

What did the Left do? They threw out numbers of the suffering people while on TV, just as they do now with our Soldiers, but that is as far as they are willing to go. They have not gone to Sudan or any other African country. Oh, they have those green wrist bands which everyone is supposed to wear.

Why? What good will that do? Will it make them feel better? I do not see how, because I will still know that there are people still suffering, still being raped, still being murdered, still being sold into slavery, still being burned alive, etc. But they do not want any military intervention. Why put an end to end to it? Then they might actually have to get a REAL job. Well, I want the troop intervention, and I'll try to explain why.

Sudan is the place where Osama bin Laden was first heard of for many people. He was also provided to the USA as a trade so they could be taken off the 'terrorist' list at the State Department while Bill Clinton was in office, but he thought there was 'no legally binding authority'. [What is wrong with these people?] No, you can invade Waco, Texas, but you cannot stop 9/11/2001. Yeah, I get it. NOT. Back to point.

When bin Laden left Sudan, he was one person. Not all of his minions left with him, and there are still many more of them in hills and mountains of Darfur and Sudan. They are forcing the people to live in fear, to live under sharia law, to become muzlims or else! With the Janjaweed and al Qaida, the Darfurians don't stand a chance without outside intervention. [BTW, the Darfurians are Muzlims but they are African, not Middle Eastern.]

Without intervention, the genocide continues. There are now over 3,500,000 people murdered, raped, enslaved, [REALLY] tortured, starved, displaced, burned alive, etc. The Left has more rallies, and they collect a lot of money from unsuspecting people who truly wish to help. The money is used for their next rally, not for the Darfurian people. How is that compassionate? How does that stop anything? These people understand one thing: Force. Since the Left believes so strongly in Darwinism, you'd think they'd understand, 'Only the strong survive.'

Update: These three links are from Pajamas Media, and it is an interview with a FREED SLAVE from Sudan. Listen, PLEASE.

Part I and Part III. This video is Part II.

In case you are worried about how much time this will take away from your precious day, this one is only 5 minutes long. It seemed like it was only one minute.

Hat tip: Pajamas Media, and a great big THANK YOU!

Left: You have no moral authority Part II.**

Last week I addressed the Sudan situation. This week I would like to touch on the Tibet situation for a moment, and then I want to address another issue in a larger context. If you would like to review or read last week's post, it is right here. It is also the lead in to Part II. You will also be able to watch the video there.

The Left has been wearing 'Free Tibet' on their car bumpers for over 50 years now, but what do they do when they finally have an opportunity to make their voices heard? Do they call Congress? Do they call the president? I suppose some of them did. Others however, want to boycott the games of the Olympics, and they try to protest by attacking the people carrying the torch. Oh, that's very brave! Why did they not interfere with the Chinese police? After all, they are not afraid of our police! They shrank away from these animals in fear.

It is time to address this issue. I would also like to discuss Iraq, because some of the people seem to believe that Iraqi blood is not as important as American blood is. That is the only way I can summarize it from all the cross-talking I'm hearing about changing this, we're on the wrong path, etc. You may be surprised to find I believe we were on the wrong path myself! We did not have the policies we needed for our men and women at war, and their hands were tied. That is no way to fight a war.

Then back home, we had many discussions about bringing the troops home. Huh? Before the enemy is stomped out? If I tell my enemy when I am leaving where I have defeated them, the people who are fighting with me, side by side, will refuse to fight along side me any longer. They will abandon me, just as we would be abandoning them. I cannot blame them. They will know better than to risk their lives for a traitorous policy. Another promise broken.

Many people want the Iraqi people to step up? Have. They. Not. Been. Paying. Attention? What do they think the Anbar Awakening was all about? A tea party? Don't forget, our Boston Tea Party may not have seemed like much at the time, but everyone remembers it!

Do they not read any IRAQI Papers? We have been gaining ground by leaps and bounds. Something we would not have been able to do as quickly but for the IRAQIS Leading the fight! They are taking the fight to the enemy, and it doesn't matter what their religion is anymore. They are tired of it. It has nothing to do with what we are saying in our comfortable homes, and the Left is saying a lot of the wrong things, in my humble opinion (IMHO).

Many people, including Congressmen, have stated that they want the troops withdrawn one battalion of troops every month, no matter the conditions on the ground. They believe this will encourage the Iraqis to fight harder, the government to come together quicker. Since when? We should send some of these people first to my neighborhood so they could sit down with the GANGS and 'talk' with them so they will put down their arms! Only so they may learn how truly difficult it is when you're dealing with people who truly hate you and wish you dead.

If we are not wise, these policies will cause the world to believe it all depends on the politics of the day in the United States of America, not the commitments made, whether or not to support us in any conflict. It may get tough. After all, in 1944, we were losing! Can you imagine if we had this press back then? I wonder how they would have reported the Battle of the Bulge?

Do you ever wonder what these other countries will do with this knowledge if we decide to cut and run? Especially Iraqis? They will do what they know is necessary for themselves to stay alive.

Right now, they ARE stepping up to the plate. They are doing quite a good job of it, too! Just read articles such as this: Admiral: ISF fight well in Basra, Baghdad battles. Read Michael Yon, The Long War Journal, Blackfive, Iraq the Model, or even CENTCOM! Is that too much to ask?!

Some people do not understand that giving up will [unwittingly] give a victory to the terrorists, and this will forsake all the hard work and the good souls that gave all they could give. This is wrong. Then it will certainly be just as it was in Vietnam. We won on the battlefield, but lost in the minds of the American people because the press lied to the American people. Thank God for the internet!

There will be bloodshed like I don't think even I understand if the policy of cut and run is put into practice. The genocidal maniacs will proclaim victory, and who will be there to argue their point? Who will be there to stop Iran from crossing the border and taking over Iraq? [Iran is already in the Iraq government!] You think oil prices are high now? You have no idea what is out there just waiting for you and me.

Do you not understand what genocide is? Do you not remember Vietnam? Cambodia? Do you not remember our promise, 'Never Again'?

If we are not careful and cause America to have another black eye, she will not be the same America that will be remembered in the history books when we knew her. Then, maybe some day far away will look back and discover this land used to belong to the land of the free and the home of the brave. Yes, and we were also very prosperous. Was it greed that defeated us? Or was it the unwillingness of the comfortable to fight for their own freedom so they lost it for everyone else? This will be one of the many questions facing us during this 22nd Century and into the future...

**I do have an edition over at the Talon, but it is slightly different from this Part II post.

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