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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Welfare Entitlements Reparations Act of 2009

Welfare Entitlements Reparations Act of 2009

Just a month a few days of loose change in the White House (gotta change that name to pink house, yellow house, red house, or ****house) President Barry Milhous Obamy signed the Welfare Entitlements Reparations Act of 2009, essentially making the average American taxpayer be libel to the tune of $25,000 tax bill and rising. (Financially challenged will collect $500 and a debt free house courtesy of the Acorn Mortgage Management Corporation).

Barry Milhous Obamy, the new Robin Hood of the Washington Forest, figures that by the time he is done robbing the rich to pay the poor, America will be fleeced dry and he can then sell all Federal Land to the China, Russia, and Venezuela. And, Russia can claim the oil on the Alaska North Slopes, that way his hands will be clean for the environmentalists.

From what I understand Hot Dog Frank, Stretch Pelosi, Swift-boat (rice in his but) Kerry, and Sheets Reid will overturn the 22nd Amendment and install the messiah for life.

Pelosi was overheard telling Barbie Boxer that she has never had a better time ****ing the stupid voters and that the swamp mice are multiplying and taking up residence in the Bart tunnel. That should stop the Bart trains and save the economy of the flower city.

Mission accomplished **** you John Wayne and put your apple pie someplace else.

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