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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Demogog Mayor Villaraigosa Confused on His Dates by about 4 Years

On Thurday morning President Bush detailed a foiled Al Qaeda attack on a Los Angeles skyscraper in 2002. Then Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa cried foul and said he was blindsided by President Bush's announcement of new details on a purported 2002 hijacking plot aimed at a downtown skyscraper, and described communication with the White House as "nonexistent." Just what the heck was Villaraigosa doing in 2002 that would have required him to be briefed on a national security event?

Villaraigosa was elected mayor in 2005. Villaraigosa has his years mixed up and should not have been briefed on a previously national security issue at the time it occurred. He was not cleared to hear about national security matters.

According to Wikipedia, In 1994, Antonio Villaraigosa was elected to the California State Assembly, and just four years later, his colleagues in the legislature voted to make him the first Assembly Speaker from Los Angeles in 25 years. During those four years before he was named Speaker, he served several other positions in the Assembly leadership. He eventually became one of the leading progressive voices in the state. He ran for mayor of Los Angeles in the 2001 citywide contest but was defeated by eight percent by fellow Democrat James Hahn in a run-off election. In 2003, Villaraigosa defeated incumbent Councilman Lauro "Nick" Pacheco to win a seat on the Los Angeles City Council representing the 14th District.

In the Los Angeles mayoral election that took place on March 8, 2005, Villaraigosa placed first and continued on to the run-off election held on May 17, in which he won 58.7% of the vote to Hahn's 41.3%. He is the first Latino mayor of Los Angeles since 1872, when Mayor Cristóbal Aguilar (mayor from 1866 to 1868 and again from 1870 until 1872) governed over Los Angeles at a time when its population was barely 6,000.

The Nation attributes his success in 2005, as against his failure in 2001, to his adding significant number of African Americans to his earlier coalition of "Latinos, labor and white lefties", noting 2005 endorsements by Representative Maxine Waters (a Hahn supporter in 2001) and City Council member (and former police chief) Bernard Parks. [2] He also won handily among West L.A.'s liberal Jewish population, and to a lesser degree, the west Valley's more conservative Jewish community. Indeed, there were only two demographic groups he did not win: white conservatives in the north west Valley, and Asian-Americans, although the latter only by the narrowest of margins.

On July 1st of 2005, he was sworn in as the 41st mayor of Los Angeles in an enormous ceremony, which involved an interfaith service at the Our Lady of the Angels Cathedral, followed by a large procession to nearby City Hall.

Leftists, liberals, demogogs, and those against President Bush will try their darndest to discredit our sitting President, slander his name, and insult his oath of office. We are in a fine state of affairs when any nickle and dime died in the wool liberal democratic mayor can open his mouth and accuse our President to grandstanding and exagerating the truth.

Liberal Main Stream Media and liberals yelling show me the proof, but, when some truth is revealed, they immediately raise cain and call foul. We are being brought to our knees and destroyed from within. We do not need islamofasists or terrorists to mess things up. All we need is the Main Stream Media and demogogs. What we have here is the typical demogogic response to reality. Deny, deny, deny, and when all else fails dazzel them with what the definition of is, is.

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The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

Good post. Villaraigosa is not the mayor I wanted to see elected for Los Angeles. A liberal client of mine felt the same way I did when she told me about how he had given a speech a couple of days ago...and then repeated the same exact speech all over again in Spanish! Well, now you might as well start saying it in Farsi, Korean, Arabic, etc. Or is he going to use his position to be blatantly pro-Mexican preferential in his treatment of Los Angelenos? And the argument about the great percentage of Hispanics in the city doesn't hold soup; aren't liberals always preaching "equal rights and protection for the minority under the law"?

Can I reprint your post at Flopping Aces and at my place?

Revka said...

Hi! First time here! Like your blog.. I posted on this mayor as well at my blog... What a dork he is!

The_Bos'un said...

Thank you both. Rebecca, glad to meet you and thanks for the visit. Wordsmith, I am also glad you were able to put revelence on by blog. More I read about this mayor, the more concerned I get that LA really put a ringer in there.

The_Bos'un said...

Of course you can reprint anything I say. I like to snip good stuff from you too. And you are an alley and contributor to of the truth. Have a great day. R/ Bos'un