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Friday, February 10, 2006

"Why I am a Republican..."

(I originally posted this over at Flopping Aces).

Mike's America left a comment in a previous post:

Time to start a new category guys:

The Difference between Republicans and Democrats!

How many relativists have you heard suggest there is no difference? Of course it’s a subtle way of implying that you might as well vote for their guy.

I thought I'd take the humorous approach, and share a clip from a short-lived animated series, "This Just In" (from the episode, "Labidocrites":

Here is some context for the clip:

Newport struggles to pretend to be a liberal to have sex with the hottest girl he's ever met. He is about to make a speech in front of a bunch of liberals and cracks under pressure, admitting that he's a Republican and what exactly that means to him.

Hat tip: Richwatch.

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The_Bos'un said...

Another great one! R/ Bosun