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Friday, December 08, 2006

Chicago Terror Suspect plotted mall bombing

Muslim Convert

A courtroom sketch of the suspect, who appeared in court after arrest on charges of plotting to set off hand grenades in garbage cans at a Rockford shopping mall the Friday before Christmas. Sketch courtesy of AP

Law enforcement officials say the man was a U.S. citizen, and planned to commit some sort of terrorist attack in Chicago. The man had "ideas and desires, but no means," law enforcement sources said.

Story Courtesy of National Terror Alert Response Center:

Chicago Terror Plot Suspect Arrested

A Muslim convert plotted to set off hand grenades at a Chicago-area shopping mall in a holiday season terror campaign that was thwarted by federal investigators. According to an FBI affidavit, the suspect told a confidential source that he wanted to “commit violent acts of jihad,” and spoke of killing judges and blowing up public buildings. Apparently he also declared that he wanted to, "Stab the **** outta Jews" at a synagogue near the mosque that he attended and in the DeKalb area.

In advance of a planned attack on a Rockford mall, the suspect prepared a martyr’s videotape in which he let the “enemies of Islam” know that “the time for jihad is now.” He added, “This is a warning to those who disbelieve, that we are here for you, and I am ready to give my life…May Allah protect me on this mission we conduct.”

Local Chicago Area News Links:

Other news reports about this incident:

Man arrested in alleged Illinois terrorism plot - Reuters A U.S. man who wanted to carry out a "violent jihad" was arrested after he obtained a gun and four hand grenades from a government informant to attack an Illinois shopping mall, the FBI said on Friday.

Feds: Muslim Convert Plots to Blow Up Mall - NewsMax.Com A Muslim convert who talked about his desire to wage jihad against civilians was charged Friday in a plot to set off hand grenades at a shopping mall during the Christmas rush, authorities said.



Critical_Thinker said...

LOL, Oh yeah, a real "terror plot", that's what it was. Why don't you read this and decide for yourself: terror-plot-in-history.html

The_Bos'un said...

"CT" You can minimize it all you want. When someone does pull of getting some grenades into a garbage can and shrapnel injuring shoppers, or some "lone homicide bomber" exploding in a crowd, it will still be bad.

Then when some misguided fundamentalists carry out a terror act, it will also be bad. Eventually we will have more terror acts in the US of A. The Oklahoma City bombing was carried out by a couple of nut jobs, the World Trade Center was carried out by 19 nut jobs.

Perhaps we should minimize terror acts as just stuff that happens.