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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Blogger registers his complaint: BoA putting a bad precedence.

Blogging a phone call This is how you do it folks
R/ Bosun

Courtesy of Daniel's political musings

Not only did the blogger, DANIEL, send the fax he live-blogged his phone conversation. How classic:

Blogging my phone call


On hold with BofA as I type this. Speaking with Peter. Peter is transferring me to his supervisor after my little speech...

Note: still on hold. The phone tree took a few minutes to get through. Finally I just started speaking gibberish and it transferred me to a live person. I would also point out that the first option under the "other options" category is to send money to Mexico. Way to support the economy.

Speaking with David. Expressed dismay at the foolish business decision to allow people with no SSN to have a line of credit. Expressing dismay over the moral and patriotic ramifications of doing business with criminals.

He is actually documented all the points that I am making!!

*You can't garnish wages that don't have an SSN
*How do you determine line of credit when they have no legal wages
*Illegal aliens identify themselves illegally
*Lost money must be passed on to legitimate customers through less service/higher rates etc

*Won't do business with a business that works openly with criminals
*No different than a store selling meth ingredients to drug dealers
*Encouraging a "quality of life" for criminals
*Creating an atmosphere where criminals are welcome

That was actually a worthwhile 10 minutes. (trusting that David wasn't playing solitaire and rolling his eyes on the other line) He actually tried to reassure me about "asset recovery" through use of ITINs and debate a few points with me.

Unfortunately the ITIN is only for filing a tax return (and only for illegal aliens) and not something you put on a W-4. You still have nothing to garnish wages if you have an ITIN. You could take a tax return but why file if you have no obligation to because you make money illegally?

David apologized several times and will pass on a report to his supervisor regarding my concerns. Now you call!

Register your disappointment with Bank of (Central) America for offering credit cards to illegal aliens!


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Anonymous said...

Below is a link to a very good movie regarding illegal immigration and the border war. Please pass it on to friends as for sure you won’t see it in the mainstream media.