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Monday, February 12, 2007

Ramos and Compean Update

Courtesy of Rick Roberts, KFMB San Diego


February 12th, 2007

THE CONDITION OF IGNACIO “NACHO” RAMOS: Last Friday, Congressman Tancredo of Colorado got the opportunity to spend about an hour with wrongfully-convicted Border Patrol agent Ignacio Ramos at the Yazoo Federal Prison. He had been severely beaten, with deep bruises along his arm, gashes and bruises on his chest and back, and bruises on his knees. It has been reported that Ramos did not get medical attention until today. Tancredo mentioned that he was “astonished” at the condition of Ignacio. We will have Tom Tancredo on our show this week to give us an update… He has been the only visitor allowed since the beating.

THE SATURDAY RAMOS/COMPEAN LOS ANGELES RALLY: (This is going to make you sick.) The illegal immigration dolts such as ANSWER and the Party for Socialism and Liberation (liberation from WHAT??) came to this pro-Border Agent rally by the droves. The ANSWER Coalition showed up to call all sane individuals Nazis and screamed choice sayings such as, “You are white; you are a racist!” ANSWER’s tools of trade included the amplified bullhorns and signs equating Minutemen to the Ku Klux Klan. A counterprotester felt no need for cumbersome signs and simply feigned masturbation at the flag-waving crowd; another masked guy in camouflage waved a hole-pocked American flag upside-down, with “God less Amerikkka/This flag kills” scrawled across what remained of the stripes. “BURN THAT STUPID FLAG!” Urged one of the radical, pro-crime nuts. Many clad in “Brown Power” shirts, these morons called the Minutemen, Border Patrol agents, and families of Ramos and Compean racist pigs, Nazis, and other racial slurs.

THE PARDON OR EXONERATION: el Presidente Bush is STILL hiding behind the Snow-Man…

SMUGGLER AND DRUG CARTEL COULD’VE BEEN BUSTED: The drug smuggler left behind his cell phone, but there appears to be no evidence investigators made any attempt to identify him. Aldrete-Davila (the smuggler) stated that he had nothing in his hands as he ran toward the international border. He advised there had been a cell phone in the van, but stated it was left behind. If Sutton had just focused on finding the smuggler through the family connections and the cell phone, he could have landed a major drug bust that would have blown open a drug cartel in Mexico. Instead, Sutton chose to give Aldrete-Davila a free pass on all his drug activities.

SUTTON STILL IN DENIAL: Johnny Sutton claimed he didn’t have any way to link Aldrete-Davila to the 743 pounds of marijuana found in the van, except by the smuggler’s own testimony. “Now, if I could prove up the case another way, without using the words of Aldrete-Davila himself, we could prosecute the case. If I had a provable case that Aldrete-Davila had committed other crimes, I could prosecute him.” Sutton has stated that they had no evidence against the drug smuggler. A DHS memorandum documents that agent Rene Sanchez “queried the Border Patrol Tracking System and found that the Fabens Border Patrol Station seized a load of marijuana on February 17, 2005.”

REMEMBER: Don’t forget to visit the Ramos family website:

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Old Sgt said...

You know the sad part about all this is that if the smuggler had been placed into prison and had the crap kicked out of him, the media would have been all over this thing demanding a complete and full investigation. But I guess since it was a border patrol agent it doesn’t really matter. After all why should they protect some body who has been protecting our borders against illegal aliens and drug smugglers.

Bosun said...

Politically correctness is not correct. Thats for sure. Elect Michael Savage for President!!!!


Rosemary said...

LOL. Did you sign up in his poll? He said he will run if he gets 500,000 signatures...

Great post, news sucks, I hate this. Was that concise enough 4 ya? :)

Bosun said...

wish that there was better news.