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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Short on Pesos, get a Banko Americao credit card

Courtesy of Rick Roberts, KFMB San Diego

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Last week we had a media spokeswoman for Bank of America issue a press release and speak to our show representative. She told us that the bank has done only one public interview with one media outlet: The Wall Street Journal.Among all of misleading garbage she fed us, she told our representative that the quotes in the Journal earlier this month were “taken out of context.”

She also told us that the bank had absolutely no intent on marketing or even expanding the pilot program offering credit cards to illegal aliens… Or “undocumented migrant semi-citizens.”

Uh huh.

Kenneth Lewis, President and CEO of Bank of Americano is quoted as saying the following in today’s Wall Street Joural:

    “After a week of listening to our customers, we have made a decision. We will continue our card marketing pilot program in the LA market.”
Yes, folks… today, Lewis did a very extensive piece in the editorial section of that so-called rumor-mongering Wall Street Journal.

How funny… We were told just a few days ago that the Wall Street Journal was “an unreliable source.”

Lewis says the following in his editorial:

    “First, the program is not about illegal immigrants, and it never was. It is designed to help Bank of America customers build a credit history. Second, we believe we have an obligation to serve all those in our country who are legally eligible to receive services. To do less would be discriminatory and unfair.”
    “Reports have stated that in some cases illegal immigrants are able to sign up for the Bank of America’s products and services. These reports are true. They also are true for many financial institutions and businesses in our country today.”
Lewis also mentioned that the matricula conular, the ID issued by Mexican consulate offices to Mexican citizens living outside of their country, is a valid form of idenification that is accepted at B of A.
    “The matricula consular card has received its share of criticism, much of it because it allows for the possibility that illegal immigrants may use it to participate in our financial systems, but it also is a key tool in our efforts to ensure that our financial systems are not used for illegal purposes.”
So exactly which group of people is this “pilot program” pander to?

La gente mexicana ilegal!
    “We know some will find this unacceptable.” Ya think? “Even so, we feel we have a great obligation to live by the laws of the land, to serve our customers, and to do our part to support the security of our nation’s financial systems.”
Nice to see that the CEO of the second largest bank in the nation is whoring itself out for a few extra pesos.

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