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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Congressional Alert: Will they throw the immigration debate?

Courtesy of my friend, Big Dog

Watch Out for Sneaky Immigration Bills

By Big Dog on Aug 5, 2007 in Political Commentary, Link Fest

The Senate tried to force amnesty down our throats just a few short months ago. They were unsuccessful but that did not stop them from reintroducing an amnesty bill that almost made it through. Of course, there were a bunch of dirty tricks and other ploys designed to usurp the will of the American people. This bill continues to have the backing of the President and many Democrats. It would appear as if the Republicans heard America loud and clear because they have now turned against the amnesty and even John McCain has begun singing a different tune.

The fact that this initiative was defeated twice will not stop those who want to force it through. The Congress is famous for adding unpopular items to other bills in order to get them through. The minimum wage was added to a war spending bill because the donks knew it would not pass on its own merits. They continually add items that they want but cannot pass the correct way so they can slip one by without having to answer for the bad items they give us.

The amnesty bill has reared its head again but now different items are being added to separate legislation so as to piece meal this into law. Kennedy and his idiots are hell bent on getting the US taxpayer to pay for services for the illegals who cut his grass, serve his meals and ensure his pool stays clean. They House has already cheated on a vote in order to give ILLEGALS more services paid for by the US taxpayer. This will not stop until the jackasses in Congress have given our country away.

I have always believed that taxes were a necessary evil but that they were way too high and that the government wastes the money it gets because there are few people serving who have experience managing budgets and they all have no fiscal responsibility. They are spending someone else’s money and thy act like it. I have often wondered about people who will barricade themselves and risk death by not paying their taxes. However, I now believe that we will not be able to get this country back on firm ground until we either vote every incumbent out of office and make our demands clear to those we put in or take up arms against those who oppress us with the tyranny of an oppressive, over-taxing government.

Let’s start by voting them ALL out of office. If we do not succeed then we will need to have another revolution. It all boils down to us retaking this country or watching as the ILLEGALS take it.

Big Dog

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