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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Hateful Comments Show Liberal Leftard's Ignorance

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I recently wrote about Tony Snow and how he will not stay on as White House Spokesman. Snow has indicated that he can not afford to stay on but that he will stay as long as he can. The reaction from the left was horrific. The comments are all about Snow’s illness (cancer) and how they hope he dies a slow and agonizing death. Before I say that all the comments were like this let me point out that a few of the ones at Huffington’s dive were kind. A few people indicated that they did not like Snow and thought he was a liar but that they want him to recover from his illness and wish no one the misery of cancer or any other illness. These people, unfortunately, are a very small portion of those who actually commented.

One of the things that I found interesting was a comment that showed how ignorant people on the left (they are leftards making the statements) about the government and what benefits they receive. Someone wrote suggesting that Snow had some great health insurance because he works for the government.

Absolutely, he’ll have excellent health care as provided to federal employees! Wish that same federally sponsored health care that the Congress and White House personnel get applied across the country to all Americans! Huffpo comments

I don’t know where these idiots get the idea that federal employees have some mystical health insurance and that it is better than everyone else’s. I am not naive enough to believe that Congress is not a privileged club where perks run like water. They cry about money while building themselves great gyms and all kinds of other things but one thing I am sure of and that is they have the same health care options and pay like amounts for their coverage as employees of many private corporations. The Federal Employee Health Benefits web site shows what plans are offered and how much each plan costs. There are several kinds of insurance carriers that offer different kinds of plans. Of course, since states regulate what insurance companies have to offer, there are different plans for each state.

The leftards who are commenting about Snow are vile and show little compassion for someone with a terrible disease. These are the kind of people who show empathy for terrorists but show absolute mean-spirited hatred for anyone not of their political affiliation. It is ashamed that the liberal philosophy has given us a group of people so spoiled and so self centered that they hope and pray their political opponents die. If we could only get them to show this much passion with regard to the fate of our enemies…

When Bill Clinton needed heart surgery ever blog on the right that I read offered prayers that he would make it OK and that he would regain his health. We hated Clinton as a president but that hatred does not carry on when it comes to his well being. That is what compassionate conservatism is. You never find this with regard to any political politician. Every time Dick Cheney has chest pain or goes to the hospital the leftards start to drool and have a death watch while praying that Cheney dies from the malady.

The only death I want to see on the left is liberalism as a political belief. The people can stay but their beliefs have got to go…

I hope and pray Tony Snow beats his illness just as I do for Elizabeth Edwards. Let the left wing idiots who infest the Kos and Hufpo web sites spew their hatred because it will be their undoing.

Big Dog

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Anonymous said...

Liberal and proud of it! That's me. I'm a CLASSIC liberal, however, not those scum the MSM call "liberal" today. When Pres. Reagan stated ". . .the essence of leftist ideology is immorality" he wasn't referring to me. I'm 101% moral! It enrages me when the term is hijacked by vicious babykillers, squat-to-pee lickspittles for the flea-bitten moslem mass murderers, diseased unnatural sex perverts, screeching red-eyed racemongers, scuzzydirty ambulance chasers, subhuman God-haters and loathsome traitors to my beloved USA.

Bos'un said...

Thank you for your comments. Hope you are feeling better after getting the anger and hate off your chest.

Don't forget to take your meds and have a fine liberal day.