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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Brussels girl raped for not wearing a veil

Courtesy of Islam In Action:

The Islamic rape epidemic in Europe continues. As a young woman of 21 years of age was attacked and raped at a train station in Brussels. She was told they were doing this because she was not wearing a veil (it was her fault).
Once again radical Mohammedans show us that they are not in our countries to assimilate. Radical Mohammedans are here to force their religion and culture on us. All great monotheistic and polytheists religions (except for Islam) have gone through reformation and enlightenment to weed out man made roadblocks.
Can some one please tell me:

  • Why we continue to allow some of the more radical fundamentalists Mohammedans into our non-Islamic countries?
  • How can we screen out the problems?
  • When will we learn how to screen them out?
  • When are the moderate Mohammedans going to say enough is enough and excommunicate those who are bringing discredit to their "peaceful" religion?
  • When will Islam go through reformation and enlightenment?

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