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Monday, June 02, 2008

Did Scott McClellan have a Ghost Writer?

Did Scott McClellan have a ghost writer?  That is a question has been asked,but, not answered. From what I have heard and excepts that I have seen, the book sounds like a left wing rag on President Bush.  According to Robert Novak,  in McClellan's purported tell-all memoir of his trials as President George W. Bush's press secretary, he virtually ignored Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage's role leaking to Novak Valerie Plame's identity as a CIA employee. This memoir by McClellan appears to fit the partisan Democratic version of the Plame affair.

Novak went on to say, Although the media response dwelled on McClellan's criticism of Bush's road to war, the CIA leak case is the heart of this book. On July 14, 2003, one day before McClellan took the press secretary's job for which many colleagues felt he was unqualified, my column was published asserting that Plame at the CIA suggested her Democratic partisan husband, retired diplomat Joseph Wilson, for a sensitive intelligence mission. That story made McClellan's three years at the briefing room podium a misery, leading to his dismissal and now his bitter retort. ....In claiming he was misled about the Plame affair, McClellan mentions Armitage only twice. Armitage being the leaker undermines the Democratic theory, now accepted by McClellan, that Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney and political adviser Karl Rove aimed to delegitimize Wilson as a war critic. McClellan's handling of the leak by itself leads former colleagues to suggest he could not have written this book by himself.  Source: McClellan On Plame by Robert D. Novak

You will have to visit Novak's column at GOPUSA to appreciate a more in depth analysis of Scott McClellan's tale of his three years as White House Press Secretary.

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