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Monday, June 09, 2008

Say it loud: Drill for American oil NOW!

Do record $139-per-barrel prices make you want to scream?

Say it loud: Drill for American oil NOW!

Courtesy of WorldNetDaily

Oil prices jumped nearly 9 percent to a record $139 a barrel yesterday.  Are you ready to scream yet?

Have you ever wondered why with skyrocketing prices, American oil is still in the ground?

Over 500 morons in the Congress and Senate, along with eight years of Clinton and eight years of Bush, no energy plan, no new refineries.  Let those moron legislators know you've had it with their lame brain excuses.  Don't let the U.S. become a minor player on the world stage. Energy makes us strong, and American-produced oil frees us from depending on volatile, less-than-friendly countries overseas.

Send those whiners who claim we should not drill for oil and anti-American forces who want to destroy the greatness of the United States a very loud message, "Drill for American oil, now."   Tell Chavez and Ahmadinejad to go F*** themselves.

Say it loud! Say it proud!

World Net Daily has provided a means to express yourself with a call to action.  Here is WND's new magnetic bumper sticker declaring, "Drill For American Oil NOW!"

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