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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Darfur Peace and Accountability Act: S. 1462

LEGISLATIVE UPDATE: The Darfur Peace and Accountability Act has passed the Senate, still awaits action in the House.

The Darfur Peace and Accountability Act (S. 1462) passed the Senate Friday evening, November 18, and now awaits action in the House of Representatives. We at the Save Darfur Coalition would like to thank all of you who have taken the time to urge your Senators to act. Your efforts have made a real difference and you should be proud of having helped move this important piece of legislation forward. While we believe that it is important to tell our elected officials that we expect them to take action on Darfur, it is just as important that we thank them once they have acted. Therefore, if you are a constituent of Senators Brownback, Corzine, Lugar, Frist or any of the bill’s cosponsor listed here, please take a moment to send them an email thanking them for supporting this bill. Click here to find contact information for your Senators.

Our work is not over, however. Now the focus shifts to the House of Representatives, where members of the International Relations Committee continue to negotiate. We are hopeful that the full International Relations Committee will complete its work on the bill soon by holding a markup of the legislation when the House returns from the Thanksgiving recess in early December. In the near future, we will let you know how you can help push the bill down the home stretch to the President's desk for signature. Again, thank you for your help.

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