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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Europe on Fire

Over three hundred fires ravish the country of France now. However, the jihad is spreading. Five cars were torched in Brussels, Belgium and five cars were also torched in Berlin, Germany. This was heard on the radio news.
'It's like a war zone here'
Paris Riots 60-year-old becomes first fatality, cops fired at

Five cars torched in Berlin copycat attack

BERLIN: Five cars were set alight in a working-class area of the German capital Berlin, with police saying it was a possible attempt to copy the violence currently sweeping French cities. The cars were spread over five different streets of the Moabit area of Berlin and were torched in the early morning on Monday. Several cars and a disused building were also set on fire overnight Saturday in the northern German port city of Bremen. AFP/PTI
This is the only story I could find on this subject so far. There are many about France, however. They are very kind to France. I shall not be.

This is the 3rd time in three decades this has happened. It has nothing to do with the poor or the unemployed. This is jihad. Plain and simple. That is why it spreading.

France was not permitted to allowassimilatingn by the Arab League. They made a deal for labor that they would allow these people to keep their total Arab customs and whatever else. This, as we see, leads nowhere. Without freedom, the Arab countries produce 2 things to export: oil and terrorists. Period.

Let us look at Iraq for a moment. Do you see Iraqis burning down their villages? NO. Why not? Could it possibly be that because they are now free they want to stay this way? YES. They are human beings. What did you think?

Are you one of those racists who thinks only YOU know how to be free? Would you have preferred we didn't free the slaves, because YOU thought they were too stupid? Did you move when they moved into your neighborhood? How does this tie in with that?

If you deny one person his humanity, you deny everyone their humanity.

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The_Bos'un said...

The French Intifada is growing. I really believe that President Chirac thought is dhimmi stance with Iraq and the Middle East would ward off the inevitable. He and his state sponsored socialist idealogy miscalulated. France now looks like Beirut did before the it bacame wartorn in the 1980s. The arogance of the French has shown at every major world event. They thought they were more humane or tolerant. Well what goes around comes around when you play with fire. Figure the math, 10% of France is now muslim. Then you add in all the atheists, socialists, communnists, and other ists, the numbers of wholesome French is was down. They do not want to send in the military because the dhimis do not want to look to harsh. Let the islamofasist kill a few more old folks and police, its ok. Come on France wake up and prepare for the tomorrow by dealing with the realities of today.

Rosemary said...

Here, here! :)