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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving I would like everyone to set a place at the table for the Soldier who is not home for this year's Thanksgiving. We owe them the Honor they are and have earned. We owe them the respect for the call to Duty they have answered. We owe them for protecting America from enemies, foreign and domestic, so we may be with our Families this Day.

We also owe them the Truth. If you know the truth about the Thanksgiving Day story, share it with your children. It is more likely than not they did not learn it in school. You see, it has to do with God, and giving Thanks to Him in times of Testing as well as in times of Blessing.

If you would care to research the history of Thanksgiving Day, here is the Columbia Encyclopia. Here is the text of the proclamation by President George Washington. It is found in the Avalon Project (on speeches), provided by Yale University.

Have a wonderfully Happy Thanksgiving, and God bless you.

Update: The Opinion Jounal has a very nice article on the the first Thanksgiving upon whence the term "We Gather Together" became an American hymn for Thanksgiving Day.

Norman Sider, a commenter, provided this link to the words and tune. Just click on "Thanksgiving."

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The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

The_Bos'un said...

Thanks Rosemary for the post. I was listening to Michael Medved this morning and he talked about President Washington's first proclamation. Unfortunately the politically correct leftists of today would think it was over the top. It is sad that what was once good and rightous could be corrupted by the leftists of today.

However, I personally give thanks to God for the blessings that I and my family have received this year. God has shined down on the United States of America in 2005. I just hope and pray that we (America) do not stray from our Lord and Savior and that we continue to receive the blessings of our forefathers. In God We Do Trust. Good day, Rosemary, Wordsmith, the readership of this blog.

Rosemary said...

Thank you, Bos'un. I know you enjoyed your Thanksgiving, because you know why we have it. I feel so sad for those who will never know or comprehend that joy.