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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Howard Dean On Rewriting History

I wrote earlier about the movie The Path to 9/11. This movie shows how the Clinton administration was negligent in its pursuit and capture of Osama bin Laden. Bill Clinton is furious and the rest o the donks are falling in line with their disgust at these "lies." Howard Dean had a lot to say n an email from the DNC. In it he calls this movie a Republican attempt at rewriting history. This is coming from a man who is defending a president that has constantly tried to rewrite history to give him a more favorable place in history. Bill and Hillary have both written books that are full of lies n an attempt to rewrite history. Bill Clinton has a library in Little Rock. If he is so concerned with the truth why is there no mention of the Lewinsky scandal that rocked his presidency and caused his impeachment?

Howard accuses the republicans of rewriting history and ignoring facts as outlined in the 9/11 Commission Report. Dean conveniently ignores the fact that some of Clinton's cronies were on that panel to protect Clinton's failed presidency. Dean tells us:

Richard Clarke -- the counterterrorism czar for the Clinton administration, now himself a consultant to ABC News -- describes a key scene in "The Path to 9/11" as "180 degrees from what happened." In the scene, a CIA field agent places a phone call to get the go ahead to kill Osama Bin Laden, then in his sights, only to have a senior Clinton administration official refuse and hang up the phone. Sandy Berger, President Clinton's National Security Advisor, called the same scene "a total fabrication. It did not happen." And Roger Cressey, a top Bush and Clinton counterterrorism official, said it was "something straight out of Disney and fantasyland. It's factually wrong. And that's shameful."

LTC Buzz Patterson wrote about incidents where Clinton failed to take down bin Laden in his book Dereliction of Duty. He describes a number of times where Clinton refused to give the go on taking out bin Laden. Patterson was there and witnessed these events but Dean would have us take the word of Sandy Berger, the man who was caught stealing classified documents and placing other documents back into the National Archives. This is the man Dean wants you to believe while ignoring people like LTC Patterson, a man who served this country honorably.

The Democrats are up in arms because they are being called on the carpet for their lack of concern for national security. They are being shown as the people who nurtured the environment that allowed 9/11 to happen and they do not like it. So, like they always do, they have come out accusing Republicans of being the ones who lied. They are deliberately lying to cover up their failures on the national security front. Dean has even invoked the name of Rush Limbaugh because he is friends with the scriptwriter Cyrus Nowrasteh. This, I suppose, is designed to discredit the man. You see, to Dean, Nowrasteh can not be truthful because he is a friend of Limbaugh and therefore he must be lying. I find it rather humorous that Dean never said a negative word about Michael Moore and his film full of lies, Fahrenheit 9/11. I suppose that since Moore was lying about President Bush, he was OK in Dean's book.

Dean and the donks are not happy that this movie is coming out around election time because they know it might have an effect on the electorate. The truth is, they never minded when any item came out just prior to the 2004 election so long as it was against the president. They were happy when CBS aired fake documents. They were happy when newspapers were bringing up 18 month old weapons stories as if they were new. Dean never criticized these lies because they were designed to hurt Bush. As soon as a movie comes out that tells the truth, a truth the Dog has been preaching for ears, Dean and the donks get upset and start calling it a pack of lies.

If the movie has the Democrats this upset, it must be true and it must hit close to home. It shows that they are weak on national security and that they are more interested in winning than the truth. Everyone needs to watch this movie and see what really happened while Clinton was busy with Monica. I also recommend that you get LTC Buzz Patterson's book and read what a man who was there each and every day had to say about this.

Do not let the Democrats rewrite history, again...

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