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Monday, September 04, 2006

They Keep the Homefront Safer...

I have a round up of several very good articles that you won't hear about from the press.

The first article is about training on the job. You wouldn't know...oh, I'll let you find out. Wow. It gripped me.

The second one is pleasing to me. After years, decades of Saddam, the infrastructure of Iraq is in awful shape. This article brings good news about the completion of something. What? You'll have to read it! :)

Next we have one of those stories that is familiar to almost all of us. Have you ever met someone halfway around the world only to find out they live in the same area you do? Meet these four gentlemen.

This is an article about Iraqi Guard and how they are protecting their own homefront. It's is very worthy article.

This is the one that is the best, in my humble opinion. This is one of things I would prefer to see more prominently on the TV screen. Our men have deserved these, and we should know why. What happened? Who are you? When did this happen? Did you save any lives? Nothing from press leaves such a deep whole. It just is not fair.

Well, I hope this is enough to keep you busy for a while. I had such a good time putting it together for you. Thank you. God bless America and our Military!

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