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Friday, September 01, 2006

RWB Contest for Writers of Blogs

It is that time again when Reporters Without Borders (RWB) has it's annual search across the world to find blogs that defend free speech. This is a very good group of writers, columnists, authors, etc, that do their best to make sure that censure does not occur in your country.

Here is an e-mail announcing their competition:
Like last year, Reporters Without Borders is joining in the Best of the Blogs (BOBS) competition being organised by the German public broadcaster Deutsche Welle. We are asking Internet users to propose blogs (in any language) that defend press freedom. The "Reporters Without Borders" prize last year went to Egyptian Manal Alaa's Bit Bucket ( Awards also went to the blog of Chinese citizen Wang Yi (shut down by the authorities) and the blog of Tunisian Mokhtar Yahyaoui (temporarily closed).

To propose a blog, write to [internet at] by 30 September with a brief description of the blog you like.

For more information about the competition, go to:
Personally, I believe this is a worthy group of people. They may lean a little to the left, but what good is it if everyone wrote to the right? We need all writers, all voices, all opinions, and certainly we need freedom of the press. Along with freedom comes certain responsibilities. As long as these are honored, readers can depend on the credibility of the author.

They have also made it possible for people to write anonymously. These sites may be in countries such as China, Iran, etc. that censure their people and the news. This is one of the reasons why it is with great pleasure we bring you this news. If you know of anyone who writes about keeping the press free, please pass their blog along to the information above. Thank you, and have a censure free day. :)

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