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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Tell The pope To Stay Out Of Effigy

Well the peaceful Muslims have vowed to burn the Pope in some place called Effigy so he should avoid that place. I don't know where it is and I can't find it on a map but if the Pope was planning on going there he should reconsider and go to a Christian friendly country (so avoid the US).

A member of the peaceful religion known as Islam has declared that the Pope should be put to death for insulting Islam.

A notorious Muslim extremist told a demonstration in London yesterday that the Pope should face execution.
Anjem Choudary said those who insulted Islam would be "subject to capital punishment".

So folks, what we have is confirmation that the Pope was absolutely correct when he read 600 year old words that described an evil and violent Islam. Right after he read those words, the followers of Islam became upset that he said such a horrible thing and then they became evil and violent. There are the usual death threats, the usual calls for a beheading, the usual riots in the streets, and the usual bunch of idiots screaming like deranged lunatics, all in the name of Mohammad, the child molesting prophet. Oops, I insulted Islam. Come and try is all I have to say.

Is there any question that we need to rid the world of these animals? They are stuck in a time long ago in a far away place. They still run around following the words of a child molester who said that everyone should be forced by the sword to follow Islam. Mohammad was a false prophet who gave bad advice and this bunch of sand fleas are not bright enough to figure that out. They would rather run around in their dirty pajamas with a diaper on their heads like they are Ali Baba and the forty thieves. It is quite pathetic to see a bunch of people with such a mob mentality and so ready to turn to violence as soon as someone breaks wind in the direction of Mecca.

When the war first started I tried to give the benefit of the doubt. I tried to believe that this was a group of radicals who did not represent true Islam. Unfortunately, no one in the Islamic community stepped up to show this as true. CAIR gives token condemnations when all the while it supports terrorists. Radical clerics preach violence against Americans in mosques located in America. Muslim leaders such as the jackass running Iran tell us we must convert and send letters to our president advising him to do so. And most importantly, no one in the Islamic community has stepped up to condemn the terrorism and call for an end to the violence.

Now there is news that the terrorists have warned Muslims to leave the US, especially the areas of New York and DC. They have made threats in the past and it is likely that this is just another but with Ramadan coming up and the radical Muzzies all worked up over the Pope (whose words the Muslims blame on the US and Israel) it is not hard to imagine they will try to attack us with some type of WMD. They wanted a clash of cultures and they are going to get it.

If they attack us it will likely be open season on any Muslim left in this country and if the US does not nuke all of Islam out of existence then we need to take over and do it ourselves. I , as most of us are, am tired of capitulating to a bunch of people who worship a child molester. I am tired of us worrying about how many of them we kill or if a few innocent ones (if there is such a thing) got in the way while they run around killing innocent people all the time. They killed 2996 people who were not involved in any kind of war and were not combatants. They are making plans to kill more innocent people. If they do we need to say screw all of them and fight the war on their terms by eliminating every last one of them. This also goes for any American who sympathizes with them or makes excuses for them. It will be open season on those types as well.

Then, and only then will we finally have peace. First we rid the world of the Islamic radical scum and then we live in peace.

This is London
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