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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The Kool-Aid Drinkers are at it again

I found this because they are running a campaign of phone-calling to get people to call the Capitol and demand every Republican resign who is in power. It is not surprising, since Lux is the President of this NON-PROFIT organization. That's right. He worked in the White House from '93-'95. He's another kool-aid drinker.

How dare he ask ANYONE to resign when he is still working for a much worse pervert! What Foley did was unexusable, and I will not make any. What I find as inexcusable is the Clintons, through their minions, are going after men that are innocent until proven guilty.

Does anyone know that there was an FBI investigation into the e-mails as soon as Chairman Hastert saw the first one? Oh, yes. They determined there was no "there" there. Should we fire everyone in the FBI as well?

It is amazing to me that the people who scream the loudest about protecting terrorists rights while we are trying to find out what our enemies are talking about, now want us to know what is on not only each e-mail but each IM! When you make up your mind, wake me up. I could use the rest.

You are a shameful bunch. We all are. It is in our nature. The trick is self-control. Some of us handle it better than others, and some of us are held to higher standards. Alright. I am very willing to be on the team that is held to a higher standard.

This tells me that not much is expected of the Democrats. Do you really think the people are going to trust you their national safety when they can't even trust you in you own homes?

I have changed my mind. If the Democrats what the URL, let them hunt for it. If any of my friends would like to have it to send nasty messages, e-mail me. lol.

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