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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Lawmaker Outraged by Sniper Footage on CNN

This is despicable. I wish there were some way to ban these thugs pretending to be reporters, but we must calm down. Is there a law against giving aid and comfort to the enemy? I believe there is, and it's in the Constitution. It is known as treason.

We could try them, then shoot them. But we must wait for the end of the trial. If there is no trial, if there are no charges, then we have voted for people who have no backbone. If they will not carry out their oaths to the American people, then to whom will they pledge their allegiance?

CNN has only one allegiance, and it is to themselves. I don't even know if they truly want to see the destruction of the United States, but it sure looks that way. Many times I have heard, "The means do not justify the end." I believe we need a new slogan in all media and journalist schools..."Truth does not come from the lens of a camera, nor does it come from any agenda. Truth, as it is stated, is just that. True. If it is not true, DON'T PRINT IT."

Updated: After re-reading this last quote, I realized I left out the benefits of virtue. Yes, while something may be true, is it beneficial to the enemy? Is it beneficial to Americans? We have lost the line that no one dared cross during past wars. Now, we have people covering this GWOT who protested the Vietnam War.

I would just like them to know that if it were not for them, around 2,000,000 men, women and children would be alive today. And the Tet Offensive? WE FREAKIN' WON, damn you. Don't feed the enemy anymore of our young men.

Read the whole article here. If this link no longer works or if you do not want to register in this rag, try this link. Thank you, and have a good day.


Lera213 said...

Email me please on Hannity! I have something to tell you that I wish not to say here!

Big Dog said...

Great piece Rosemary. Keep up the good work!

So, were they embedded with us or in bed with the enemy?

The_Bos'un said...

MSM has been bedding with the enemy for a long long time. We will be destroyed from within and from those liberal tolerant social engineers from the "forth estate."