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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

One in 10 'Back Honour Killings'

Courtesy of BBC: One in 10 'backs honour killings'

Samaira Nazir

The girl pictured on the left, Samaira Nazir, was murdered by her relatives after she asked to marry an Afghan man - instead of marrying someone in the Pakistani family circle.

BBC's Asian Network conducted a survey of 500 Hindus, Sikhs, Christians, and Muslims. Apparently, one in 10 young British Asians surveyed believes so-called honour killings can be justified when someone disrespected their family's honour.

The United Nations estimates that 5000 women and girls are killed each year due to honour killing. An unidentified source at World Evangelical Alliance Religious Liberty Commission (WEA RLC) passed on to me that British police have recently re-opened around 150 cases in Britain that police now suspect may have been honour killings. Most deaths were originally listed as suicides and accidents and unknown etc (fell off the balcony etc). However the common thread in those deaths are young girls (age 16-26) of Kurdish, Middle Eastern etc parents..

The linked article from BBC One in 10 'backs honour killings' corroborates what an unidentified WEA RLC staffer shared with me today by mentioning that (British) Metropolitan Police are investigating 200 deaths linked to honour killings.

This may be the tip of the iceberg in out civilized societies where Honour Killings may be taking place in immigrant populations.

You may wish to visit the website International Campaign Against Honour Killings to get additional information regarding this subject.

Unfortunately counties like Canada, Australia and soon to be Britain avoid discussing the dirty little secret because there are now laws against religious vilification. Linking Islam or cult religions with violence is regarded by the court as vilification and subject to action. Human events on line wrote an excellent article in 2004 regarding the pitfalls of vilification laws, Pastors Found Guilty of Religious Vilification of Muslims. Honour Killings are difficult to investigate and the press does not like to mention the dirty little secret for fear off having lawsuits filed against them.

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