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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Should Gays be in involved in the Scouting Program?

After the latest congressional scandal regarding Republican Congressman Mark Foley, a question comes to mind, "Should Gays be in leadership positions in the Boy Scouts of America?"

In the past six or seven years, there has been much "bashing" of the Boy Scouts of America by activists and civil liberties groups. The Boy Scouts have been sued by individuals and have been banned from using public facilities because of their stand regarding alternative lifestyles being affiliated with the scouting program. The Scouts have publicly stated that:

the organization has the right to pick its own leaders....and, that the Boy Scouts believe that all their scouts should be morally straight, as the Boy Scout laws refer to it, and clean. And that is contrary to, he said, having a homosexual serve as a troop leader. (Terence Smith)

On the other hand, civil liberties attorneys have argued whether a large organization like the Boy Scouts could be exempt from a state antidiscrimination laws, could discriminate against someone solely because of their identity..... and whether or not the Boy Scouts would have to comply with it and allow someone who didn't advocate contrary views. (Attorney Greenburg) Source: NewsHour interview between TERENCE SMITH and JAN CRAWFORD GREENBURG, BOY SCOUT DEBATE April 26, 2000

It is interesting that everyone is mum about the scouting issues since Foley came into the limelight.

Here we have a major scandal rocking the Halls of Congress and the the democratic leadership calling for heads to roll for "covering up" an alternative lifestyle issue. But, no one is addressing the Dems former position that it is wrong to deny alternative lifestyles access to children.

I am not speaking out for or against the alternative lifestyle issue. Could it be justifies for organizations and parents to object to alternative lifestyles having routine access to children. I am not sure how to identify risky persons from non risky persons. I would like to hear from the readership regarding this issue.

If you would like to email your uncensored opinion to me, I will later publish the results on my weblogs.

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