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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Zapatero Presidente’s Lefti Friends

Toasted Bread at - Zapatero Presidente's Lefti Friends: A production from the Anti-Zapatero community in Spain denouncing Zapatero Presidente’s friends.

Link to the Video

Here is a little background regarding the Anti-Zapatero community (AntiZP) in Spain:

The Anti-Zapatero community was formed shortly after the March 11th Madrid train bombing. “ZP” are the initials for “Zapatero Presidente”, the slogan used by socialist Zapatero during Spain’s presidencial election campaign.

Zapatero and the left-leaning mainstream media (MSM) chose to focus completely on the Iraqi war and bypassed attention to the Al-Qaeda terrorist enterprise.

Fortuneatly AntiZP has establised an aggregator for the more than 200 AntiZP blogs to inform the internacional community about Zapatero. AntiZP blogs have been for the most part in Spanish, however, more blogs are now in Italian and English.

The AntiZP international movement has also created community rings such as Blogs ProRajoy and Red Popular and forums such as El Zapatazo and Europa Liberal. A radio station, Punto Liberal, has been created as well as a digital paper, Occidente Liberal.

It is the hope of the AntiZP community to reveal Zapatero’s agenda to the public and World community.Please view the linked video by Apolo. The linked video is one of the most prolific AntiZP videos made thus far. You will see many of Zapatero’s friends, political supporters, and his inspirations:

1. Spanish
  • Otegi, leader of Batasuna -ETA’s political branch-,

  • Carod -independentist leader of Catalonia, and former member of terrorist group Terra Lliure-,

  • Montilla -Catalan Socialist who was given 1.000 millions of € by Caixa Catalana for Socialist party and did not payed even the interests-,
    ETA terrorists -who are talking with the Government while Zapatero does not even listen to the victims-,

  • Almodóvar -who falsely accused Aznar of giving a Coup d’etat on March 12th, 2004, in front of all national media, and when people menaced him with criminal actions, he just backed off, … without calling international media,

  • actor Javier Bardem -one of the leading members of anti- Iraqi war campaign-,

  • ETA terrorists Josu Ternera -who was at the Basque Parliament’s Comission for Human Rights and who is now negotiating with the Government the conditions of the new “Basque situation”-, De Juana Chaos,-later we have been informed the hunger strike has been a lie: he ate pork jam, honey and chocolate- Ignacio Bilbao and Txapote,

  • United Left leader Llamazares, who has publicly praised Castro and even started a web page to carry Aznar before the International Criminal Court because of Iraq. -,

  • the gays ultra-orthodox -who dressed as Catholic priests and bishops in lately Gay Pride parade-,

  • the anti-war demonstrations in which people shouted “PP responsible” and “PP murderer”,

  • Leftist Media Mogul Jesús Polanco -the owner of internationally famous El País-
    leftist journalist Iñaki Gabilondo,

  • Communists leader Carrillo, who was praised by Zapatero in a meal, after acknowledging in 1978 that he would use violence again in an interview with well-known Italian journalist Oriana Fallaci.

  • Leftist anchorman Javier Sardá, who called Bush “son of a bitch” in his well-known program “Chornicles from Mars”.

  • Spanish leftist politician Indalecio Prieto from 1930s.

  • Leftist Media Director Cebrián.

  • Some Autonomous Community presidents such as Maragall (Catalonia) or Ibarreche (Basque Country).

  • Leftist anchorwoman Angels Barceló, one of the leading journalists against Iraqi war US and Israel and favourable to Palestinians and Socialist in general.

  • the authors of “There is a motive”, a film who has very little repercussion once in the cinemas, but in which they told there was a motive to out PP from power.

2- Internationally well known people:
  • Chávez,

  • Evo Morales,

  • Castro,

  • Arafat -very admired by the actual FM Moratinos-,

  • Ahmadinejad -who was courteyed not long ago by ex-President Felipe González-,

  • Sinn Feinn leader Gerry Adams,

  • Karl Marx,

  • Argentinian President Kirchner,

  • terrorist groups Hamas and Hizbollah,

  • Bin Laden,

  • Saddam Hussein,

  • Communist leader Ché Guevara

Link to the Video

Thank you,
Lady Vorzheva
Toasted Bread.
Anti-Jihad Pundit.

A special thanks to Anghara’s blog.

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