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Friday, November 03, 2006

10,773 Fugitives arrested: Operation Falcon III

Courtesy of the US Marshal Service

 Operation FALCON III - Federal and Local Cops Organized Nationally - A massive fugitive operation took place the week of October 22- 28, 2006 and covered the eastern half of the United States.  As a cooperative effort, Operation FALCON III removed some of the country’s most dangerous sex offenders and gang members from the streets, making America’s communities safer.

Deputy U.S. marshals have received worldwide praise for their skills in locating and arresting wanted criminals, but the assistance they receive from their colleagues at the local, state and federal levels often completes their ability to capture the worst of the worst.  The U.S. marshals have embraced such productive interagency teamwork with other law enforcement officers at every level of  government since their creation in fugitive investigations.

Deputy US marshals teamed up with their state, local, and federal colleagues in the largest fugitive sweep to ever primarily focus on violent sex offenders.  FALCON III resulted in the arrest of 10,773 fugitives and the clearance of 13,333 warrants.  Of those fugitives arrested, 1,659 were wanted for sexual offenses, 971 for not registering as sex offenders. In addition, 364 documented gang members were arrested, 3,609 narcotics / organized crime drug enforcement task force warrants were cleared, and 232 firearms were seized.

Teamwork ensured the success of this seven-day initiative.  A total of 1,063 different agencies participated - 30 federal, 103 state, 430 county sheriffs / departments, 482 police departments, and 18 foreign agencies.  Within the Marshals Service, 48 districts participated, including the Districts of Columbia and Puerto Rico.  In all, each day more than 3,000 law enforcement officers worked together tirelessly during this record setting operation.


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