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Saturday, November 18, 2006

I'll be busy for a few days

Many of us conservatives are sick and tired of being taken for granted, told we are racists-heartless-greedy-mean-etc, even by the people we have elected. Enough is enough, as the old saying goes.

We have decided to start our own grassroots effort to bring bright, articulate, talented, conservatives who can go toe-to-toe with the worst best of the Democrats. Even still, with the worst best of the RINO's.

We are a strong majority, and I challenge any public official to try to get elected without our support. We have principles, and we are tired of them being thrown overboard for the good of the party. Answer me this, how does this make us good?

If we cannot have a coherent message that is pursuasive, then we deserve to lose. Now it is our turn.

In 2008, we shall be prepared. If you are a conservative and would care to join us, please contact Big Dog at America's Victory '08 to find out how and what you can do to help our cause. Thank you.

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