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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Egyptian Blogger Needs Our Help

We Americans hate cencorship, and so do people in repressive countries. We may not like to think about the other people because we feel helpless, but here is an opportunity for you to do something!

If you would please read and sign this petition, it would be greatly appreciated and effective. (Feel free to change it into your own words.) No government, especially Egypt, likes to be scrutinized by the outside world. They will cave to pressure.

This is a petition to free an Egyptian man, a blogger named Kareem, from prison. He was arrested for speaking his mind. We do not fear that here, and this is as it should be. Unfortunately, this is not the way life is elsewhere.

We have a tremendous opportunity and duty to help free this man. We cannot allow any government to cencor its people. If we do, if we ignore them, then who will be left to fight for us should this same fate befall upon us?

HAMSA (Hands Across Mideast Support Alliance) is sponsoring this petition. They have also done several good works towards freedom of speech. Also, here is Kareem's blog. (It is in Arabic.) Thank you in advance for signing this petition. Have a great day.

You will also find posts on this subject over at: Iraq the Model, Sandmonkey and Tom Palmer. I'm sure there are many more. If I forgot you, just let me know. :)

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