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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Germany was a distraction in WWII

We (the USA) were hit with bombs in Hawaii by the Japanese. Germany never attacked us. They did not offer any threat to us. It took us so long dealing with that part of the world, and it cost us so much blood and treasure. Wasted lives. So many died for a war that was none of our business. There were no WMD there. There were only nice Germans, innocent people in Germany.

We went through Africa, Italy and many other countries. Why? What did they do to us? So many lives were lost. We lost almost every battle until we won a war that was never really won because Hitler never signed a piece of paper saying so.

Not like the one we made Tojo sign. Complete surrender we got from the false god who actually started the war. Why did we go there last? Why did it take us so long to answer their attack? It took almost a year to respond!

God, I’m so grateful I’m a Conservate (Republican)! This is what we would have had to listen to had these Democrats been in power then. Please remember this when you go to vote today…

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