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Monday, July 16, 2007

First Muslim in Congress Should Resign

First Muslim in Congress Should Resign

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The first Muslim member of the US Congress, Keith Ellison, should resign from that institution. This is the person who used a Koran to swear in thus giving his allegiance to Allah and the will of Islam over that of his allegiance to the US. He is nothing more than the first wave of Muslims who will try to infiltrate the US government so that one day, as the majority, they can subvert the Constitution and impose Sharia Law.

Wow Big Dog, that is pretty harsh. Not as harsh as the words coming out of Ellison’s mouth. At a convention of atheists (it might have been some time ago) Ellison compared President Bush to Adolph Hitler. While the left has long compared Bush to Hitler, coming from a man whose religion espouses killing of those who do not believe in Islam is just a bit too much. Ellison insinuated that the President was responsible for 9/11 in order to trump up a reason for war. This is in line with the bulk of the kooks in the Democratic Party but when it comes from this guy it sounds as if he is trying to excuse the behavior of his brothers in arms. The evidence is quite clear that the government did not blow up the buildings.

Bigdog has his far out theory before but he will do so again for the benefit of Ellison and any other idiot (Muslim or not) who lacks the sense to see it. A bunch of MUSLIMS (followers of ISLAM) hijacked four airplanes and flew them into three different buildings. The fourth plane crashed into the ground because of the acts of the heroic passengers who were able to overpower the cowards from Islam.

Bigdog heard Democrats call for the resignation of Republicans all the time. Some of them are certainly deserved and would mean something if the left actually did the same with regard to their bad actors. Instead we get attacks against Republicans all the time and there is a never ending call for a resignation. This is true all the way to the President who some have demanded resign while others demand impeachment.

Bigdog is of the double standard and he is tired of Muslim cretins like Ellison. Bigdog is now calling for the resignation of this so called man. He does not deserve to be in Congress. He has compared the President to Hitler which makes him no different than Osama bin Laden or Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Ellison is a junior terrorist from Islam and needs to go. He needs to be taken to the sandbox in the Middle East and buried like the piece of cat crap that he is.

While we are at it, let’s ban Muslims from serving in our government. The only one they put there has proved that none of them belong.

Big Dog

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Rosemary said...

I agree. And it cannot be soon enough.