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Friday, July 27, 2007

This Explains Liberalism

Courtesy of Big Dog's Weblog: This Explains Liberalism

By Big Dog on Jul 27, 2007 in Featured

Today’s older liberals are the hippies from the 1960s. These people are the ones who protested the war in Vietnam, had love ins and smoked dope while adding little to the value of society. Attired in their tie dyed jeans and driving their VW Beetles, they caused social discourse everywhere they were. Those people had to eventually grow up (or older at least) and they had to get jobs to pay their way through life (those who did not live on welfare). They infested academia and became professors so that they could fill the mush brained youth entrusted to them with liberal pablum. They ran for office so that they could force their social policies and failed liberal ideology upon us.

Those malcontents of the 60s are today’s aging liberals and they have raised a whole generation of younger liberals that wander aimlessly through life. The Democratic Party use to have liberals that were pretty moderate in their thinking and recognized some of the good things about conservatism and some even took conservative stances. JFK had a few disasters in his presidency and made a few huge mistakes (that would haunt us while those hippies were protesting Vietnam) but he recognized the value of tax cuts. So he made one correct choice (he should have driven with the top up as well).

A study just released shows that smoking just one marijuana cigarette can increase a person’s risk for schizophrenia by more than 40 per cent. This study goes a long way in explaining the mental illness known as liberalism. The lifestyle of the hippies is coming back to haunt them and has produced a segment of society that embraces liberalism because of mental illness. The older liberals are addicted to the legal drug, ethyl alcohol. Guys like Ted Kennedy had his brain fried long before the 60s and he continues to fry the few remaining brain cells using the same drug. The study indicates:

‘We believe there is now enough evidence to inform people that using cannabis could increase their risk of developing a psychotic illness later in life.’ Daily Mail UK

One only needs to look at a university to see this is true. People like Ward Churchill are the leftovers from the hippie days and they are mentally ill. Many of these same people probably still smoke dope and thus their illness is more pronounced. Of course, I realize that there are conservatives who smoked dope in the past. That explains the term RINO. They profess to be conservatives but they are really liberals masquerading as conservatives. Think of the people in politics who have very liberal positions and they were probably dope smokers because they suffer from mental illness.

Michael Savage wrote a book entitled “Liberalism is a Mental Disorder” and this study shows why his title is correct..

The only drawback is they might claim a disability in mass and bankrupt the country. Of course, their policies are doing that anyway.

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