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Sunday, July 29, 2007


Courtesy of the Washington Times

Democrats accused of sandbagging Gonzales

by Jon Ward

White House officials accused senators of asking Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales questions about a program they knew he could not address in public, in order to justify their calls for an investigation by a special prosecutor.

"You've got an interesting situation when members of Congress, knowing that somebody is constrained by matters of classification, they can ask very broad questions ... they know the person sitting on the other side cannot answer thoroughly in an open session," White House spokesman Tony Snow said.

His comments were aimed at a group of senators on the Senate Judiciary Committee who grilled Mr. Gonzales for several hours Tuesday about the Bush administration's terrorist-surveillance program.

Senators accused Mr. Gonzales of contradicting past statements and of misleading them about whether there was disagreement within the administration over the program.

That same day, FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III testified before a House panel, and Democrats said his testimony contradicted Mr. Gonzales'.

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